Everything and everyone was fair game for returning hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. George Clooney was again a top choice for the two comedians as they brought the funny in their opening monologue and throughout the broadcast. Enjoy these fun Golden Globe 2015 Award Gifs! 

1. Here come your hosts for one last show!

2. John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen's face, after he won with Common for best original song "Glory" from Selma. #tear

3. JLo's Golden Globes are on display..Thanks for pointing that out Jeremy with your HAWKEYE! ;)

(Photo : Imgur) 

4. Meryl WINS a lot, so she is game to take it on the chin at all award shows. Surprisingly she actually did NOT win this year. She lost to Boyhood star Patricia Arquette. 

5. Nobody got a NEW CAR! NOBODY!

6. George Clooney has accomplished a lot in his career, but his marriage might just top everything! <3 !

7. Comedian and Derek star, Ricky Gervais did bring it for his moment on stage, but will they ever ask him back to host? PLEASE, NBC!

8. President Frank Underwood himself is absolutely surprised by this turn of events! Congrats, and we can't wait for season 3 of House of Cards to start!

9. Michael Keaton won for Birdman and gave a very touching speech in which he let us know that his son is also his best friend.

10. Something DEFINITELY happened here in this moment between Robin Wright and her "ex," actor Ben Foster, but with Kate Mara hanging around, we can only think SPOILER ALERT!

11. Louis C.K. isn't feeling it this year and he was right. Jeffrey Tambor took home the award along with Amazon's Transparent winning as well.

12. Oh yeah, as far as epic faces go, not many better at making them than The Good Wife star, Alan Cumming.

Behind the Scenes Bonus Footage:
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls shoutout


Meryl Streep taking a picture with Tina and Amy's North Korean pal while being photobombed by Doctor Strange-to-be himself, Benedict Cumberbatch!

What was the best moment, speech, outfit, joke or other in your opinion? Who would you like to see host next year?

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