"Genshin Impact" proves to be one of the most played action role-playing games out there, and one of its trickiest challenges is the Dunyu Ruins Puzzle guide which requires people to save seelies and gather loot. However, this is one feat that proved to be giving gamers hardship throughout this time, but luckily, there is a way to solve it.

Impossible puzzles are not apparent in games, and even one of the hardest feats in "Genshin Impact" can be solved by gamers, with or without a guide. Trial and errors come by and are an essential part of gaming. Otherwise, what would be the point of playing the game and figuring out for one's self. But if it proves to be that hard, gamers can look into tips to make life easier.

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'Genshin Impact' Dunyu Ruins Puzzle Guide

According to Game Rant, the important thing to consider in doing this quest has a character with a pyro skill and a "geo" elemental burst to achieve the different aspects in the game.

Dunyu Ruins may seem like there is nothing to it, but underneath the rubbles that were submerged in water, a glowing light can be found, which is an indication that it has a challenge once interacted with. Dive down and toggle the light to start the Dunyu Ruins Puzzle quest, which would begin by venturing to the next floor and seeing the "geo totem."

Pyro Elemental for Unlocking the Totem

The geo totem would be seen but remain unaccessible by users, which means that further challenges await users to accomplish before unlocking. Users would be presented with a new objective where a pyro character is needed to light up four torches that surround the area, with the first appearing right beside the post, east of the totem.

  • Second Torch - look west from the totem and see a bare pillar, having only the torch above it.
  • Third Torch - head towards the staircase behind the geo totem's pillar, and users can see the glowing red torch atop the staircase.
  • Fourth Torch - starting from the totem, head west and see a torch that is near the waters.
    After lighting all torches, the geo totem can now be toggled with interaction, and players need to activate a geo skill or elemental burst to continue. Doing so would proceed further into the puzzle where a cutscene would appear, showing that the ruins will be rid of the water it was submerged upon.

    Dunyu Ruins' Three Seelies and Loot

    An Anemo Barrier would be impending users to access the prize of the challenge, and it would give a new objective to find three Seelies before unlocking.

  • First Seelie - Head west from the ruins and cross the lake. Toggle a red-colored pillar to start the challenge and defeat hydro slimes within 60 seconds. Completing the challenge would show the Seelie in the second-floor window.
  • Second Seelie - Head back to the Anemo Barrier and continue going east. Players would encounter a Ruin Guard, which needs to be defeated to access the Seelie.
  • Third Seelie - Head to the Geo Totem's location, and the Seelie would be waiting without any challenges.

    Finishing the quest would unlock the luxurious chest for players to loot, and it contains several rare loots, along with Primogems.

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