Look: SpaceX Crew 2 Astronauts Officially Enter Quarantine Period for April 22 Launch
(Photo : Screenshot From NASA YouTube) Look: SpaceX Crew 2 Astronauts Officially Enter Quarantine Period for April 22 Launch

An update from the Commercial Crew: the four remarkable astronauts that are scheduled to launch this April 22 on NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 mission have officially entered their guaranty period. This is a regular routine and part of the final preparations for everyone that is set to go to the Space Station.

NASA Crew-2 Astronauts

The update was uploaded to the official NASA Twitter account which showed the four astronauts getting ready to hit the Space Station. The astronauts come from four different agencies and are all set to work together to reach the moon.

Here Are the Names of the Four NASA Astronauts:

  • Megan McArthur - Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA

  • Shane Kimbrough - Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA

  • Akihiko Hoshide - European Space Agency or ESA

  • Thomas Pesquet - European Space Agency or ESA

The astronauts entered their quarantine period on April 8, Thursday in order to prepare for their flight to the official International Space Station on NASA's very own SpaceX Crew-2 mission. The lift is scheduled for 6:11 AM EDT on April 22, Thursday, directly aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavor.

Launch Complex 39A

The ship will be carried by the company's very own Falcon 9 rocket set to launch from Launch Complex 39A at the official Kennedy Space Center over in Florida, according to the official post by NASA. for the crews that are preparing to launch, "health stabilization" is a standard routine that is part of the final preparations for all of the missions towards the space station.

The astronauts have to spend two weeks directly before liftoff in quarantine in order to ensure that the Crew-2 crew remains healthy as well as protecting those astronauts that are already staying on the space station. For those that can maintain the standard quarantine conditions at their homes, crew members can actually choose to quarantine there well until they are scheduled to travel to Kennedy.

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International Space Station Schedule

For those that aren't able to quarantine at their homes, there is an option of living directly in the Astronaut Quarantine Facility over at the Johnson Space Center to wait until they leave for Kennedy. Physical distancing, wearing face masks, and also other safeguards have now been added as well due to COVID-19.

Anyone who will come directly to the site or maybe interact with the crew during the whole quarantine period, this includes VIPs, will also have to go through temperature and symptoms screening. All of the astronauts as well as those that they are in contact with will have to be tested twice for the virus.

The Crew-2 astronauts is the second crew set to fly a full-duration mission towards the International Space Station on board the Crew Dragon for an upcoming six-month science mission directly on the orbiting laboratory. They are reportedly scheduled to arrive at the ISS this 5:30 AM EDT on April 23.

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