Samsung Galaxy S22 is allegedly copying a high-end camera feature from iPhone 12 Pro Max. Rumors stated that it could adopt the sensor-shift stabilization of the iPhone models that were released in 2020. 

Samsung Galaxy S22's to Have Moving Camera Sensors: Is it the Same With iPhone 12 Pro's Stabilization Feature?
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DJ Koh, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, presents the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone during a launch event at Barclays Center on August 7, 2019 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphones.

Thanks to the new feature, the upcoming Samsung smartphone model's upcoming stabilization feature could lead to more improved photos that users can capture using the devices' camera, even when they are moving around. 

But, speculations stated that you can also choose to buy iPhone 12 Pro Max if you want to see this camera stabilization capability. 

Samsung Galaxy S22's moving camera sensors 

Rumors stated that Samsung could be working on a new camera sensor-shift ability, which will be integrated into the upcoming Galaxy S22. As per Android Police's report, the new flagship's optical image stabilization or OIS could provide more stable video. 

Samsung Galaxy S22's to Have Moving Camera Sensors: Is it the Same With iPhone 12 Pro's Stabilization Feature?
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In this handout image released on March 3rd, Wildlife Watch ambassador, international DJ, producer and fashion designer Peggy Gou, uses her Samsung Galaxy S21 to become a virtual ranger and help protect endangered animals from poaching by watching a 24/7 live stream from the African bush.

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But, it will be different from the current stabilization capabilities of other brands, such as the popular iPhone 12 lineup. This is because Samsung will make its upcoming smartphone's camera sensors move when you are taking hand-held shots. 

Thanks to the alleged OIS, users can expect more HD photos, even if they have shaky hands, outside a park with strong winds, and other unstable situations. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 can is said to prevent vibrations from its holder since it allows its lenses to pivot within its housing.  

Is it better than iPhone 12 Pro Max's feature? 

As of the moment, it is still hard to conclude that the new OIS of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be better than the one that iPhone 12 Pro Max offers. However, they could be much the same since rumors speculated that works just like Apple's Sensor-Shift. 

Toms Guide explained that this iPhone camera capability can make its physical camera lens move with vibration. Aside from this, it also allows its image sensor to glide and do other movements to counterbalance the unstable movement that the users create. 

If Samsung Galaxy S22 will also have it, users can expect sharper images and smoother videos, which are comparable, or even better with those provided by DLSRs and gimbals. 

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