Robinhood Trading Platform Crashes Due to Dogecoin Surge: 'Top Priority is to Provide Great Service to Our Customers'
(Photo : by on Robinhood Trading Platform Crashes Due to Dogecoin Surge: 'Top Priority is to Provide Great Service to Our Customers'

The popular and also controversial trading platform known as Robinhood had recently crashed this week due to the massive all-time high Dogecoin surge some time earlier this week. Users had once again complained about the platform not being reliable after the previous incident that happened with GameStop.

Robinhood Crashes Due to Dogecoin Surge

In a blog post addressing the situation, Robinhood publicly noted that one of its systems has now failed which caused the platform's crypto trading systems to go down. Robinhood then said that the failure which affected and interrupted trading service for the platform's users is "not acceptable."

According to the story by HypeBeast, the trading platform was able to recover after about an hour, Robinhood then assured its users that it has worked on a way in order to avoid the exact same issue from happening again in the future. The platform noted that its top priority as of the moment is to be able to provide its users with great service.

Dogecoin Popular Cryptocurrency

The platform also noted that those particular types of interruptions are unacceptable for the Robinhood platform. It was also noted that they are actually the "most intuitive crypto platform" for those that are trading Dogecoin and that they are proud to be a top choice for the whole community.

They also noted that their teams are now working around the clock in order to provide its users with the highest level of service that they can provide and as the interest in crypto continues, they might still continue to see more intermittent service interruptions. While the exact same problem might not happen again, users might have to be cautious since Robinhood themselves noted that there could still be intermittent service interruptions in the future.

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Dogecoin Top 5 Cryptocurrency

As of the moment, Dogecoin has climbed to the top 5 cryptocurrencies being traded and talked about as of today, according to CryptoPotato. The cryptocurrency meme currency that was originally inspired by an Internet meme back in 2013 has become widely popular and this can also be seen as a result of the attention that the cryptocurrency has been getting over the past few months.

Dogecoin is not a massively traded cryptocurrency that has seen a massive 468% increase in the recent weeks and even an over 6000% surge ever since the start of 2020. This massive increase has been very beneficial for those that have bought the cryptocurrency even before it hit $0.01 in value.

The recent Robinhood crash related to the surge in Dogecoin trading shows just how popular the cryptocurrency is as of the moment. While previously thought to be just a bubble, Dogecoin continues to surge in value as more and more cryptocurrency traders are buying up $DOGE. Aside from Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum are two other cryptocurrencies getting massive attention nowadays.

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