Samsung has announced that customers will be able to scan for unknown Galaxy SmartTags trackers by using Samsung's SmartThings Find service.

The feature is called Unknown Tag Search, and it will be launched to the SmartThings app beginning next week.

Samsung's anti-tracking app

Users will be able to scan their nearby area for any possible SmartTags that do not belong to them but that are moving along with them. This means users can know if someone is tracking them, according to XDA Developers.

This latest feature could be a massive win for safety, providing an easy way to make sure that no one is tracking the user with a small SmartTag that is slipped in the user's purse, coat pocket, backpack, and more. It is a nice feature if you are concerned about the privacy or security implications of the Tile-like tracking devices.

Samsung also announced that its assistant, Bixby, will get the ability to find SmartTags. If you have placed a SmartTag on a certain item and had named it, you will be able to use Bixby to find that specific tag.

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So, if you have a SmartTag on your keys, you could ask Bixby to find where your keys are and it will immediately set off the tag's ringer.

Currently, Apple as a similar feature in the iOS 14.5 beta, and is set to fit the upcoming AirTags item tracker. 

Apple is set to host its Spring Loaded event, and fans of the brand are waiting if the company will finally reveal the highly anticipated product that is set to compete against Samsung's Galaxy SmartTags.

SmartTags features

Samsung SmartTags was introduced earlier this year along with the new Galaxy S21 phones and Galaxy Buds Pro. It is a small Bluetooth gadget that can be used for locating lost items, as per The Verge.

The Samsung SmartTag costs around $29.99,` but those who bought a Galaxy S21 phone got a bundled deal and the device was included with the purchase.

The Galaxy SmartTag works like a Tile tracker. It is a small Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE dongle that can be attached through a key ring. It pairs with a smartphone through Samsung's SmartThings app, which can show its last known location on a map.

When you are searching for the tag, the SmartThings app can show a proximity indicator depending on the strength of the BLE signal, and you can tap a button to make the tag chime.

However, the Samsung SmartTags only works with Samsung Galaxy devices. It will not work if the users have another Android phone or an iPhone.

Unlike the rumored Apple AirTags or the rumored next-gen Tile tracker, the SmartTags does not support Ultra Wideband or UWB. One of UWB's features is helping objects locate each other, so users can get more data than a proximity meter.

According to GSMArena, a UWB version of the Samsung SmartTags called Tag+ is set to be released later this year. The device will cost around $39.99 and both the regular SmartTags and the Tag+ will be available in multipacks.

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