Stainless steel leader Outokumpu can now focus on performing its core work in manufacturing as it outsources its IT security firm Nixu Cyber Defense Center - ensuring the company's safety from cyber threats around the clock.

Outokumpu has become known as an industry forerunner in terms of sustainability, boasting the highest percentage of recycled materials at over 90 percent. With the shift to electronic media, digitalization also plays an important role in the Finnish steel manufacturer's operations - a workforce spanning more than 30 countries, mostly in Europe and North America, with close to 10,000 employees.

Outokumpu mill in Tornio
(Photo : Methem (Mikko J. Putkonen) via Wikimedia Commons)
A part of the Outokumpu works in Röyttä, Tornio, Finland. Prominently featured in the photo is a new ferrochrome plant, probably not yet operational at the time the photo was taken.

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Outsourcing Security to Cybersecurity Experts

For a global industry entity such as Outokumpu, IT dependency is an inevitable necessity that affects employees across all levels of the organization, on all locations. IT calls in various applications are also becoming a part of Outokumpu's shift toward digitized operations. With this shift, however, cyber threats loom and require specialized cybersecurity expertise, including active mitigation and proactive protection for its systems.

"Building an internal security operations center is not feasible for many companies," explains Tero Lampiluoto, Outokumpu's Chief Information Security Officer. He notes that a 24/7 effort to monitor network security "takes a lot," which makes it "smart to let experts operate it and for example gain some synergies of scale.

Outokumpu has been a partner for Nixu for several years now, with their partnership still ongoing. This cooperation includes 24/7 monitoring for Outokumpu in the Nixu Cyber Defense Center (CDC), as well as offering its regular briefing for security events and incidents. Nixu also maintains contact with relevant third-party vendors and operators to ensure that the stainless steel leader operates without downtimes and attacks.

With Nixu CDC, Outokumpu works continuously without worrying about anomalies in its network. Run by cybersecurity professionals, the international organization can proceed smoothly and with no interruptions, whether it be day or night. In the event that the network encounters exceptions to its traffic, this is immediately investigated and reported.

"Nixu can also provide us experience and knowledge they have encountered with other clients," Lampiluoto adds in a statement. He adds that the Nixu CDC effort also increases Outokumpu's cybersecurity awareness and supports its development of relevant guidelines.

"It is absolutely necessary to track what is happening in our network all the time," the Outokumpu Chief Information Security Officer said.

Aside from the network visibility Outokumpu enjoys, Lampiluoto adds other benefits from Nixu CDC, citing "Best practices, experience, synergy, and market knowledge." He adds that as the detection capabilities of Nixu ensure Outokumpu's business continuity, it brings them "confidence and trust."

About Nixu

Nixu describes itself as a "cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running." It aims to help organizations worldwide embrace digitalization in a secure manner. By teaming up with its clients, Nixu provides practical solutions that ensure business continuity, as well as access to data protection and other digital services.

Nixu shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange. More information about the company is available on the Nixu official website.

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