Epic Games Hotfix: 'Fortnite' Xbox Can be Played Without Needing Xbox Gold!
(Photo : Screenshot From Fortnite Official Website) Epic Games Hotfix: 'Fortnite' Xbox Can be Played Without Needing Xbox Gold!

For those dying to play "Fortnite" without having to spend those extra fees, a new Epic Games Hotfix has just allowed players to easily access the game on Xbox without the need of Xbox Gold! This puts "Fortnite" as one of the free games Epic Games on Xbox!

Is 'Fortnite' Free to Play?

Since gamers won't have to spend on Xbox Gold in order to play "Fortnite" anymore, they can either save their money or spend it on other important things in the game. Paying to access the game aside from the price of a game itself is something that usually turns off gamers.

Although some games can only be accessed if the player has a subscription to this and that, Fortnite is free and easy to access on other platforms making it very disadvantageous for Xbox users. Since Fortnite is generally free and only on the Xbox did Epic Games require Xbox Gold, the new hotfix will correct everything and allow gamers to simply play the game as is!

Epic Games Update | Xbox Gold

The news was announced by ShiinaBR - Fortnite Leaks @ShiinaBR onTwitter and although the account is oftentimes focused on other leaks in game, this news was also shared through the account. It seems like Fortnite was not the only game that no longer needed Xbox Gold to play.

An article by GamesRadar shared that there are now over 50 free to play games that no longer needed Xbox Gold for them to be accessed. The article noted that "Fortnite'' is finally "truly" free to play. The article also noted that there are a number of free-to-play online multiplayer games that will no longer require players to have Xbox Live Gold membership on their Xbox consoles.

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Xbox Live Gold Membership

In an announcement made by Microsoft, the company had shared details of its plan to remove the official Xbox Live Gold membership for just over 50 titles. These titles include legendary games like "Call of Duty Warzone", "Apex Legends", and of course, "Fortnite". The message announces that Xbox gamers will now be able to access the online multiplayer without any charge.

In another FAQ, Microsoft confirmed that the whole move will come to effect on April 21, 2021. All players will no longer need Xbox Live Gold membership in order for them to play a number of those free-to-play games on the Xbox console whether it be the Xbox One, the newer Xbox Series X, or other Xbox consoles.

The company also mentioned that for players that use their subscription specifically for free-to-play games, they will be able to cancel their membership immediately. Aside from this, gamers that did not touch premium games with their subscription will also be receiving credit that will be based on the remaining time of their subscription. For those that have been thinking of giving up their Xbox Live Gold subscription but didn't want to because of "Fortnite," now might be the perfect time to do so.

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