Parents want their children to learn, have fun, and be off-screen as much as possible as their eyes need a break from staring at pixels. This is where Yoto Player comes in.

Yoto Player Screen-Free Device

Yoto Player is made especially for children. It is a solid block device made of plastic, with the speaker vents on the side and a translucent front that lets the LED lights shine through.

This is not a fancy LCD or OLED touch display like tablets, all it does is show designs on a pixelated grid, much like what retro video games look like.

When the player is not in active use, it shows the time and a weather graphic. After a while, the player will turn itself off, along with the display.

The back of the player is wedge shaped so the player can be placed in front of a child at a certain angle when they are playing on the floor. If it is placed facedown on a surface, it becomes a nightlight, according to Mashable.

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Yoto Player Features

To get started, you will need to download the Yoto app and follow the instructions there to get the player set up. An internet connection is needed to download the app. The charger of the player is a round magnetic disc that clicks onto the player, so you can leave it around your children without having to worry about accidents.

Yoto Player has two audio streams that is for free. Just click on the orange knob on the right side of the unit and it brings up Yoto Daily, which is a podcast made for kids that lasts for 10 minutes.

There is a new episode of the podcast daily that changes according to the day. For example, Wednesdays feature five facts about numerous countries, and Friday features jokes that are sent in by children.

The announcer plays little guessing or word games with the kids, then each episode ends with a birthday roundup.

To activate Yoto Radio, just tap the orange button again, which is just a stream of kid-friendly music. The radio mostly plays songs from Disney movies and songs from popular artist.

You can also get content cards from the Yoto store or online stores like Amazon, so your child can get full use of the player. The starter pack of five cards will cost around $10, while other cards costs from $6 to $12.

The price will depend on the program length.

Aside from stories and music, you can also get educational cards and a card for a meditation program. Each card is the size of a hotel key card and it slides into the top of the player. It takes a bit of effort to insert and remove the card, which means it is safe from kids yanking them out of the player.

Yoto promises that the player will last for a good few years, and it does not wear out fast, so your children can enjoy it as much as they want. You can get the Yoto Player for $100 at Yoto stores or online.

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