Instagram has been called many things, but the Congress hearing on misinformation branded it as the "Biggest Fear as a Parent" by Washington Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers that slammed Facebook on Thursday, March 25. However, this was saved by none other than its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, which said that the company is in the early stages of the "Instagram for Kids" platform.

Social Media Platforms: 'Biggest Threat as a Parent'

Misinformation has been a widespread problem among social media platforms in the present, especially as people are exposed to various fake news that is promoted by people and is sometimes missed by moderators. The dangers of social media are massive, especially as the youth can navigate it easily, and freely.

Washington's 5th District Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers gave it to Facebook hard and singled out Instagram as one of the platforms that give parents massive threats to the safety of their children. Various implications of social media do not only affect the elderly but children, as most of its users are the youth and the digital age generation.


The hearing is about making a regulatory committee or agency in these "Big Tech" social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, which all fall under the same social networking bubble. The rampant circulation of misinformation causes a toll on the nation, and that an agency like the FCC should have to control and prevent its widespread.

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Mark Zuckerberg Formally Introduces 'Instagram for Kids'

In a clip of the online hearing for misinformation among the big tech social network platforms, Mark Zuckerberg opened up about the recent venture of Instagram to build a platform that would be safe for the youth. The new application would be called "Instagram for Kids" and is targeted at the youth aged 13 years old and below.

According to a saved clip by CNet Highlights via YouTube, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the new application for the first time in public, as most reports center on the Instagram division and speculations. Instagram for Kids, however, is still in the early stages of development and conceptualization as revealed by the Facebook CEO.

Zuckerberg explained that this feature would be beneficial, especially as the youth are curious about the internet and its content, but in this case, it would be educating and safe, as opposed to the "feared" platform. Other benefits of the application also include these children to stay connected online, and amongst their peers.

Facebook Reveals Parent Controls for Instagram for Kids

Currently, Facebook and Instagram are working on ways on how to address the issue that is present, especially regarding the controls of parents via the application and experience of the children that use this. The app is mainly targeted to children that are in their pre-teen ages, as the company does not allow them to use the regular Instagram platform.

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