Could Elon Musk's 'To The Moon' Be About TSLA and Not About $DOGE? Tesla Bull Investigates
(Photo : Screenshot From Could Elon Musk's 'To The Moon' Be About TSLA and Not About $DOGE? Tesla Bull Investigates

Elon Musk is definitely a tough cookie to crack with his online antics and unorthodox way of addressing the public. The Tesla CEO has gotten in trouble countless times for what he says is often being misunderstood by some people while being paraded by others.

What Crypto is Elon Musk Buying? 

Elon Musk has undeniably been very fascinated by cryptocurrency even before Tesla officially bought Bitcoin. Another cryptocurrency that Elon Musk has been openly fascinated about is Dogecoin or $DOGE. The crypto meme was originally created to poke fun at cryptocurrency in general but later on rose to fame, making some unexpected millionaires out of earlier investors.

One slang that has been thrown a lot by $DOGE traders when they "HODL" is a phrase that Elon Musk is very famous for saying--"to the moon." it was earlier referred to Dogecoin. However, a Tesla bull (investor) is toying with whether Elon Musk's "to the moon" referred to TSLA and not just $DOGE.

Tesla Moon Mission? 

Dave Lee, a long time Tesla investor shared the Tweet "everything to the moon" by Elon Musk, wondering whether the phrase meant $DOGE or if it applies to TSLA. There has been no confirmation as to whether the statement is about Tesla.

The previous Tesla cybertruck has been described as something "out of this world." and perhaps this is what it is truly made for, as a commenter showed a moon-fitted cybertruck render! The reply to was even more interesting as another commenter noted that the Cybertruck is actually already equipped with half of the tech needed for the moon.

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Tesla SpaceX Car

The commenter notes two features that the cybertruck has and that could be very useful for any possible extraterrestrial expeditions: the bio defense mode as well as the onboard air supply. Although these are just speculations, these support Dave Lee's thoughts of the "to the moon" being more than just about Dogecoin but actually about lunar expansion.

Elon Musk has been very open about his ultimate plan of humanity reaching mars and is consistently pushing SpaceX to accomplish new things. SpaceX and Tesla are two of Elon Musk's most successful and biggest companies as of the moment and with SpaceX making more trips and preparing for a lunar base, could Tesla be involved?

As of the moment, everything about Tesla on the moon is still speculation but one thing is for sure and this is that NASA plans to establish a lunar base in order to train for a future Mars trip. The ultimate plan is to send human beings to Mars but in order to do this, NASA and other space agencies still have to study what life would be like in outer space and how they can prepare for Mars. Will Tesla go to the moon? Only Elon Musk can confirm this information.

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