Global streaming service Deezer teams up with local subscription video provider Globoplay to provide a variety of new content for fans in Brazil.

The major media partnership between Deezer and Globoplay is expected to pave the way towards new entertainment opportunities in music, podcasts, and video for Brazilian fans. Following the Deezer team up with Latin multimedia giant TV Azteca last July, the music streaming service saw a significant boost in its reach and engagement in Mexico.

Now, in its continuing expansion across Latin America, Deezer signs a landmark partnership agreement with Globoplay, a subsidiary of Grupo Globo - one of the largest mass media entities in the region. Additionally, Globoplay remains the most subscribed streaming service in Brazil.

A press release from Deezer explains that this is only the first step in a "broader strategic partnership" that is expected to include collaborations on marketing, content, and technologies from both parties.

Deezer Teams Up With Globoplay in Brazil
(Photo : Deezer)

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What Awaits Deezer and Globoplay Subscribers

As the two media entities team up for their Brazilian user base, fans can expect the following perks:

  • All Globoplay users will soon enjoy Deezer Premium, absolutely free for 12 months, giving them unlimited and ad-free access to Deezer's extensive library of 73 million songs, and more video and podcast content.

  • Deezer will be debuting an original podcast series titled "À Mão Armada," to be produced and narrated by esteemed journalist Sônia Bridi.

  • New business opportunities for both Deezer and Globoplay to benefit both user bases in Brazil. To start, Deezer will be stepping up as a partner on the 2021 edition of the hit reality talent show The Voice Brasil.

As of January 2021, Globoplay has already begun its expansion by launching its own hub for online audio content. Powered by independent providers like B9, the mass media company was able to add a number of now-popular podcasts such as "Mamilos" and "Braincast" to its content portfolio. Another series, "Projetos Humanos," is a news podcast delivered by author and journalist Ivan Mizanzuk.

A Unique Position for Both Deezer and Globoplay

"We admire Deezer for their innovative spirit, ability to build and support music communities around the world and for their simple and user friendly state of the art platform," says Erick Brêtas, Director of Digital Products and Services at Globo, in a press release from Deezer.  He welcomes Deezer as one of its "selected partners," expressing confidence that their users will find the "incredible value" in this partnership, starting with 12 months free Deezer Premium.

Meanwhile, Deezer Chief Commercial Officer Laurence Miall-d'Aout shares that Deezer is "uniquely positioned as an independent global player to offer the best value for video and entertainment brands all over the world." She adds that working with Deezer allows companies to offer their customers with one of the best music app available worldwide, with its exceptional music catalog - both local and international - that covers virtually the entire world. Miall-d'Aout adds that Deezer can offer flexibility and speed, allowing Deezer and its partners to succeed together.

"It is a great joy to have Deezer on board with us on The Voice Brasil 2021. A music reality show and an audio streaming platform are a perfect match between brand and content," said Globo Director of Integrated Business Mazar Feres. "May this be the first of many initiatives together."

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