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Russian streamer, Stanislav Reshetnyak, also known as Stas Reeflay, was sentenced to six years in prison after he appeared to force his girlfriend outside in the cold during a livestream. His girlfriend died of hypothermia.

Russian Streamer Sentenced to Prison

According to The Moscow Times, during the livestream on December 2020, Reshetnyak's girlfriend, Valentina Grigoryeva, was wearing only underwear when she was seemingly forced onto the balcony by Reshetnyak. He later appeared to realize that she was not breathing and called medics, who told him that she had died.

The footage of the incident was posted by Insider in its report.

The Sun reported that Reshetnyak was seen carrying Grigoryeva back inside the house while asking her what was wrong with her. He then told his viewers that Grigoryeva had no pulse and pale, and that she was not breathing.

After the stream, an urgent investigation began, and Reshetnyak was taken into custody.

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According to The Mirror, the 30-year-old streamer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on Apr. 27 by the Moscow region's Ramensky City Court.

TASS, a state-owned media network in Russia, reported that Reshetnyak will be sent to a maximum-security prison colony.

Although the creator was streaming on a different platform at the time, he had a presence on YouTube, where clips from the graphic stream continued to circulate.

A YouTube spokeswoman told Insider back in December that they were surprised to learn of the tragic incident, and that it is the kind of graphic content that is not acceptable on YouTube.

Reshetnyak participated in the trash-streaming trend, also called thrash streaming, that has become very popular online in Russia. According to The Sun, the trend allows streamers to make money through donations and viewer interaction.

In February, a 60-year-old man in Russia died after he drank 1.5 liters of vodka during a stream. Such content have caused Russian lawmakers to address the dangerous trend.

Streamers Facing Jail Time

The Russian streamer is not the only online personality to be sent to jail.

Shayene Victorio, a famous "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" player from Brazil, was sentenced to 116 years in prison last year for fraud. The gamer and influencer ran an online store for four years, and 118 of her customers have reported that they got none of the items that they've purchased, as reported by Games Rant.

Victorio's customers filed complaints to the Public Ministry of the State of Sao Paulo or MPSP. Because of Brazil's laws, Victorio appealed her sentence, and as such, has not been arrested or placed in police custody.

The gamer clarified the situation on Instagram and assured her fans that the issue will not escalate any further as she is not hiding and is not considered as a fugitive.

Victorio still does regular broadcasts and is fighting the sentence. She claims that she ran the store with her ex-husband at the time, and he is to blame for the missing items and had no idea that the items were being delivered to her customers.

She also stated that her ex-husband has taken 100% of the responsibility for the crime.

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