BioWare 'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' Potential Day One Patch Bigger than Games 1,2, and 3? Xbox One Overload!
(Photo : Screenshot From BioWare 'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' Potential Day One Patch Bigger than Games 1,2, and 3? Xbox One Overload!

The upcoming BioWare "Mass Effect Legendary Edition" is only a few days away from its official release, and a potential day one patch has just recently appeared on the PlayStation servers! The potential day one patch could even be bigger than the individual file sizes of the previous Mass Effect 1,2, and 3! Could this result in an Xbox One overload?

'Mass Effect Legendary Edition'

As previously reported by Twisted Voxel, the particular patch had appeared on and would include certain improvements made to the performance, the stability, the Ambient Occlusion or AO, and the lighting. It would also fix certain crashes and other "miscellaneous content."

Even for PC gamers, 11.8 GB is quite huge and the patch is reportedly bigger in comparison to the base game of the original BioWare's "Mass Effect" at 6.83 GB, "Mass Effect 2" at 9.25 GB, and also the "Mass Effect 3" at 10.60 GB. of course, this is still far from the much larger Cyberpunk 2077 Day Zero as well as Day One patches which both came out at a whopping 43 GB and 28 GB respectively.

'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' Release Date

Quite obviously, things have changed a lot ever since 2007 when BioWare's original "Mass Effect" was initially released, and the whole advancements when it comes to technology and resolution also come with a much bigger file size requirement. Besides the fact that this particular patch most likely improves all of the three different games, it's for a package that reportedly includes the whole trilogy as well as over 40 pieces of different downloadable content that are reportedly playable in HDR or 4K Ultra HD.

The known "Mass Effect Legendary Edition" release date is expected to be on this coming May 14, 2021 for the PC, the PS4, and the Xbox One. The game will reportedly be telling the tale of the popular Commander Shepard except for the "Mass Effect's Pinnacle Station DLC" which was cut due to the whole corrupted source code.

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New 'Mass Effect' Additions

According to the story by IGN, the "Mass Effect Legendary Edition" is actually much less than a remake but is actually more like a basic remaster. BioWare also reportedly detailed a whole lot of gameplay tweaks that fans can reportedly expect which include combat, the Mako, and also many more things to come.

The popular "Mass Effect" trailer really did succeed in getting gamers hooked once again and fans of the original "Mass Effect" crawled back for some really upgraded gameplay especially in terms of visuals. The upgrades and the way the game has been remastered show how much BioWare have improved the game.

There are also some other notable improvements and changes to the game that gamers need to know. A video by Dantics on YouTube details the changes and improvements made to the game.

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