355 New Cryptocurrency ATMs Launched Out Throughout the US: Crypto ATMs Massively Increase
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) 355 New Cryptocurrency ATMs Launched Out Throughout the US: Crypto ATMs Massively Increase

Cryptocurrency is hot and in with more and more people investing and trading in the whole crypto space. Aside from banks and other digital payment providers, cryptocurrency ATMs are now popping up as well!

355 New Crypto ATMs

The Binance News Twitter account tweeted out that 355 new cryptocurrency ATMs were just opened by a single operator! The ATMs were reportedly spread across the US making conversion and withdrawal much easier. Bitcoin Depot, the cryptocurrency ATM operator has just launched 355 new teller machines spread throughout the United States.

According to the story by News.Binance.com, the US company called Bitcoin Depot now expands its coverage in 40 different states. The company runs a growing network of different crypto teller machines around the United States and has just launched the 355 new ones last month. Back in March, the company announced that it had launched 155.

Cryptocurency ATMs Spread Throughout the US

The company's ATMs now allow certain registered users with a wallet to simply acquire cryptocurrency. The good news is that this can be done with amounts that are less than $250 as long as a phone number will be enough for the users' identity verification.

The Atlanta-based company also notes that it already has 2,500 crypto ATMs all around the world. Most of them are reportedly in the United States. Of the 355 cryptocurrency ATMs launched, 20 of them were in Georgia, 40 in Florida, 24 in Texas, 32 in North Carolina, and 23 were across california. It was reported that most of these locations are actually open 24/7.

Company Expects 200% Growth This 2021

In just six months, the company has reportedly doubled its footprint and even now expects growth to reach up to 200% this 2021. Its kiosks reportedly support both the purchases and the sales of three of the most popular cryptocurrency, BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Brandon Mintz, the Bitcoin Depot CEO and President reportedly believes that cryptocurrency is providing new opportunities for people that don't really have the access to other traditional financial services. He notes that their kiosks actually allow them to self-bank through a simple digital wallet on their own phones by simply converting cash to cryptocurrency which can then be transferred, paid, or invested.

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19,000 Crypto ATMs Worldwide

As of the moment, there are reportedly 19,000 ATMs all around the world that offer people access to cryptocurrencies. A number of other companies are actually working towards the same direction globally and the amount of BATMs have massively increased over the course of the last year.

According to the data that was compiled by a certain tracking website known as Coinatmradar, the exact number of cryptocurrency ATMs around the world number 19,300 providing crypto-fiat exchange in a whopping 73 different countries. This is reportedly almost twice the number that was registered back in September of 2020. As of the moment, the teller machines are reportedly installed and operated by around 600 companies and are also manufactured by about 40 producers.

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