When the Nintendo Switch was released back in March 2017, many fans and critics called it one of the most (if not the most) powerful handheld gaming consoles ever made. And so far, the sales figures haven't disappointed most of its followers. 

GameSpot reports that total sales of the Nintendo Switch now sit at a massive 84.59 million units, which experts believe will put the Switch at a record-breaking number when its life cycle is over. The figure went up from around 79.87 million units last year, and apparently, it's likely to reach the 100-million-unit mark faster than Nintendo's very own Wii and the Sony PlayStation 4.

More information about the sales figures is stated in a report on GamingBolt. A lot of people seemed to prefer the regular Switch model more than the Lite, comprising 20.32 million of the total systems shipped. And in an attempt to satisfy continuous demand for the handheld, Nintendo actually plans to make more Switches until the current fiscal year ends on March 31, 2022.

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Are We Still Getting The Switch Pro?

Let's go back to Nintendo's plans to make more Switch consoles because it presents a rather sad proposition: maybe we're not getting a Switch Pro model after all.

After numerous rumors pointing to an imminent official reveal, hopes for a Nintendo Switch Pro seem to be dwindling amidst the consistent success of the base model. Instead, the company looks to ramp up production on the now 4-year-old handheld, planning to produce 30 million more units as reported on Tom's Guide.

It seems like Nintendo is still convinced of the popularity of the Switch, and perhaps they're not wrong. Competing systems like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are pretty tough to get a hold of due to the current semiconductor shortage, driving retail prices way up. Computer components are also affected, thereby forcing people to try and find alternatives.

Perhaps People Are Expecting Too Much

Electronics manufacturers are already having issues manufacturing products. There are simply not enough chips to go around, and Nintendo likely feels that making a Pro model now will cause them to lose more money than they can make off it.

Just look at the rumored tech that a Switch Pro is going to have, according to insiders. A discreet NVIDIA graphics card that supports DLSS, allowing a handheld console to game at 4K? Even NVIDIA themselves are struggling to meet the demand for their DLSS-supported graphics cards, even saying that they won't have enough supply until the year ends. So, what makes producing a Switch Pro any different?

For now, Nintendo Switch users will have to be content with the base model, because frankly, it's not a bad alternative. As long as you're not looking to play big AAA titles, the base Switch is a pretty good console that also allows for TV play due to its docking function. Plus, there are a ton of excellent games on the handheld, from beloved Nintendo classics to even a few big-budget titles of the last six years.

Those who are waiting for an official reveals for the Pro, you're out of luck for now.

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