With NVIDIA GTX and RTX graphics cards being extremely sought after, AMD is now trying to make moves to tap in and steal the market. While in general GPUs are now extremely rare as they were the recent victims of scalpers, softwares, on the other hand, are the best way to make the most out of the GPUs capabilities.

AMD vs NVIDIA Graphics Comparison

New rumors have popped up from a certain YouTube channel that has quite a history of sharing certain leaks of AMD which at times do turn out to be true. There are currently quite a number of speculation regarding the potential of a new AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution or FSR as well as a response AMD Paragraph o Deep Learning Ultra Sampling (DLSS) da NVIDIA.

To make the leak even more interesting, the YouTube channel that is called Coreteks have actually released information with no official confirmation from AMD. This could mean that the emergence of this precious resource could be coming some time soon.

AMD FidelityFX Super Solution vs NVIDIA DLSS

The rumors note that the company has already made the particular technology available to a number of different developers and will also be launching some time soon. The estimated launch date is going to be some time around June of this year!

The specifications and performance details have not yet been revealed but it was reportedly said that the performance actually looks "good" but does not provide any specific benchmarks that can be used for comparison. Unlike the NVIDIA DLSS, which reportedly runs at the very end of the whole graphics pipeline, FidelityFX Super Solution will then be used before, as it still does not really require a lot of the whole development team and also eliminates the whole need for new AI training.


The desired result, in the end, will reportedly be obtained much easily which would reportedly make it possible for the new technology to reach the massive gamer market as quickly as possible. Officially, AMD reportedly stated that the FSR is expected to launch some time later this year.

According to the story by SproutWired, the only problem, however, is that the information setting the whole June deadline really lacks when it comes to specific sources. This is despite the whole positive record of the whole aforementioned YouTube channel.

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AMD Leaks Online

The video talks even more about other potential things that AMD could be doing soon but as of the moment, everything is speculatory. Although AMD generally does a good job at keeping their upcoming products secret, the information of certain products somehow manage to leak online due to leakers and the main fact that they still have to beta test their products.

Since their products go through beta testing, these could be potential ways that their products can be leaked. Of course, there's really no telling how leakers are able to obtain inside information regarding the upcoming AMD products.


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