Despite Apple just releasing its new line of iMacs that finally featured the acclaimed M1 ARM-based processors, the company could be getting ready for the next step. The new Apple M2 chips could be coming really soon!

Apple M2 Chips Could Launch as Early as July 2021

According to the report by Nikkei, the company is planning to launch its Apple M2 as early as July 2021. Nikkei sources now suggest that the M2 could launch during this summer for the newer MacBooks which are also scheduled to go on sale some time during the second half of this 2021. 

Notably, Apple is also going to be hosting its annual WWDC this coming June 7 up to June 11. This timing could potentially work out if Apple would then announce the new chipset as well as new laptops during the upcoming developer conference. Shipments could also reportedly start maybe a month thereafter.

MacBook 2021 Predictions

It was also noted that only the MacBook was mentioned, however, there is still no news as to whether it might be available as an additional upgrade for the new iMac or if the upcoming M2 will be showing up on any of the other Apple devices. M2 is reportedly going to be built on a new 5 nanometer "plus" process by Apple's now favorite TSMC.

The Apple M1 chip currently uses the 5 nm process. Manufacturers, however, usually try to refine production even before moving onto new smaller transistors altogether. This is the reason behind the "plus" being used.

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Apple New MacBook Pros

According to the story by TheNextWeb, unfortunately, there is still no clear idea as to what really to expect when it comes to the performance aside from the obvious fact that the upcoming M2 chip should be faster in comparison to the M1. It was also noted that it is now reasonable to guess that the M2 might actually make its debut on Apple's new 14-inch MacBook and 16-inch MacBook, with which the company will most likely be aiming to improve when it comes to the current CPU as well as GPU performance of its current Intel and AMD components, respectively.

Bloomberg previously suggested that Apple had planned to launch out its new MacBook Pros some time around the middle of 2021 and if this is so, then the theory does pan out. As of the moment, although there are high expectations when it comes to the new Apple M2 chip, Apple users might just have to wait and see if the predictions are correct.

If the predictions are indeed correct, Apple users will be having an additional choice as to whether to go for Apple's M1 units or M2 units. It is still unclear which computers will be using both processors and if users will be given more of a choice when picking out the Apple unit whether it be an M1 or an M2.

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