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Facebook's Oculus Quest VR device will release a new update soon, and it is going to come with some features that are requested by the community.

When it goes live, players will have access to their iPhone notifications while in VR, and they can even livestream themselves while they are in the game.

Oculus Quest New Update

According to MashableOculus update v29 will include iOS phone notifications through the Oculus app to let users see their phone lock screen notifications when using the VR headset.

This means players no longer need to take the VR headset off when receiving a text or email. The app setting will only allow the designated user to see the notifications and no one else. As for Android support, it would be launched in the near future.

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Another feature coming in the update is called Live Overlay. This puts the player's real-life body into the game through a phone's camera. This feature can be used in VR apps with casting and recording options.

Oculus Quest users can also have their voices captured while casting or recording a game.

Other features coming in update v29 is a file organizer for data stored in the headset, a Passthrough shortcut to make it easy to see the real surroundings and personalized ads to be displayed while in VR.

Oculus Quest Pro

Facebook is working on a more powerful VR headset, the Quest Pro, according to the company's VP Andrew Bosworth and consulting Technical Officer John Carmack, as per Engadget.  

In an interview with CNET, Mark Zuckerberg offered his thoughts on what a Quest Pro could be. He said that the Quest Pro is something that they are working on, having a higher-end virtual reality experience.

The company is aiming for a Quest Pro, instead of a wired Rift Pro. Facebook's Air Link technology proved they could make wireless VR work on a consumer-grade headset, so it does not seem a massive leap if Facebook wanted to make that even more viable for users.

Zuckerberg pointed out that there are other elements that could go into a Quest Pro, including additional sensors and capabilities that could make it useful for activities beyond gaming. That could mean that there will be a built-in eye and face tracking technology.

With eye tracking, the Quest Pro could tell your computer the same object that you are looking at, which could focus graphical rendering and enable new VR interactions.

Meanwhile, face tracking could improve virtual chat apps by directly capturing mouth movements. That is a feature that HTC Vive is also exploring with its new Facial Tracker accessory.

Furthermore, Facebook just recently showed off wrist-worn AR devices, which could conceivably bring a new set of sensors into your VR experience.

Zuckerberg added that the features for the Quest Pro is filling out the initial vision and hope that they had for VR about how there are going to be all these different use case. He stated that these features are good for gaming, but not only for gaming. There are still questions that needs to be answered regarding the design.

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