Why is The World Adapting Asset Digitalization?
(Photo : Why is The World Adapting Asset Digitalization?)

ILUS International is a global technology-based company pioneering the push for more sustainable infrastructures and equipment in the modern world.

ILUS specializes in providing energy-efficient, life-saving fire fighting technology and electric vehicles alongside modern emergency services vehicles and equipment.

Currently, wildfires and global disasters are becoming more common due to drastic changes in the global climate. There have been over 20,000 wildfires reported globally since the beginning of 2021, further proving the need for essential fire fighting equipment and services. ILUS' push for more sustainable technologies is now making these vital components available on a global scale wherever they're needed.

A key manufacturer for global market-leading companies and governments, ILUS' production of vehicles and equipment is already providing emergency services with vital infrastructure to tackle front-line incidents with cost-effective, efficient measures. Now, ILUS is tackling the emerging fire and safety issues that the world faces through its flagship Crypto product, ILUS Coin.

The ILUS coin will play  a vital role in facilitating the distribution of equipment and services through lease contracts for volunteer organizations and financially strained governments who cannot afford to purchase equipment. It's also the first globally-recognized Cryptocurrency asset that strives for a safer and more sustainable world through life-saving equipment and services. 

Through the ILUS token, a decentralized platform provides access for those in urgent need to equipment that can help prevent and tackle whatever they're facing. It combines social responsibility, life-saving technology and the assurance that the world is made safer and more secure through ILUS' vast array of sustainable technologies. It also promotes social awareness and a focus on creating safer, greener environments across the world. The asset itself will facilitate secure transactions across the network and provide the opportunity to govern and influence key decisions by contributing to the ILUS' ecosystem.  

Through the increased visibility and a defined focus on creating more sustainable technologies, the ILUS Coin is launching when energy efficiency and more "green" initiatives are becoming more widely recognised and necessary for the long-term survivability of the world. 

Now, as the world faces increasing challenges in addressing and fighting these unforeseen global events, ILUS' sustainable technologies and essential equipment are bringing opportunity and hope for those on the front line who work effortlessly to save lives and prevent the collapse of our planet. 

ILUS Coin gives back to the community: Save lives & create a more sustainable world

As ILUS International continues to provide life-saving equipment and services to the world, their community initiatives are gaining traction through the ILUS token, an asset designed to make essential emergency equipment and vehicles available where they're needed the most. 

Technology is at the heart of ILUS - and the ILUS coin sits behind the benefit of an intuitive patented life and water saving Fire Fighting Technology and Electrical Vehicle (EV) technology owned by ILUS International. 

Through the coin - ILUS is now combining the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and Blockchains with real-world infrastructure to help change the lives of communities worldwide.

The motivation and mission behind ILUS is the desire to provide the economy with the equipment and services it needs to save more lives and nurture a more sustainable environment. As social responsibility initiatives continue to flourish throughout the world, the need for divergence and change in the industry is imperative. Now, through your investment and support of the ILUS coin and its vital role in saving lives, you're given the unique opportunity to be a part of something that's making a difference throughout the developing world. 

With Blockchain projects, factors such as network security, governance and compliance can be decentralized and handled by token holders, allowing for a trustless process that's overseen by all community members and token holders. With ILUS, your community participation is handled through the ILUS coin, which oversees the governance of the network and allows for holders to contribute to certain proposals that will directly influence key decisions and the future of the project. 

The Ilus Coin community will also be rewarded through staking yields and incentives for holding the ILUS coin. Staking is a solution to provide incentives to those holders that wish to participate in the community and hold their coins on the native platform. When a user buys ILUS coins, they can stake their tokens in their crypto wallet, which are locked within the wallet for a minimum of thirty days. The rewards are currently 15% annual rewards on coin holdings. 

Through the decentralized nature, holistic community participation and rewards offered by ILUS and the real-world sustainable, clean energy initiatives in place, ILUS is effortlessly giving back to the world, saving lives & creating a more sustainable world for all.

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