Kobo Elipsa: BIGGEST E-Reader Features Bundled Stylus, Supersized Screen, ComfortLight System and MORE
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Kobo Elipsa is changing the game for e-readers despite the tight competition with other electronic reading brands. As a matter of fact, it has released the new marketable e-reader, Elipsa which features note-worthy upgrades for bookworms.

Paper-back and other physical books are still hyped for the traditional readers, but for those who seek digital convenience, e-readers are easier to use and they save more space.

If you are curious about Kobo Elipsa's prices, features, and even the pre-order details, we have all the answers to your questions. 

Kobo Elipsa E-reader is a Complete Package for E-book Enthusiasts

Kobo Elipsa: BIGGEST E-Reader Features Bundled Stylus, Supersized Screen, ComfortLight System and MORE
(Photo : kobo)
Kobo Elipsa

According to The Verge, this was the first time that Kobo introduced a stylus in its e-reader bundle. For those fans who love reading with big screens, the Kobo Elipsa will do the part for you with its 10.3-inch glare-free display. 

You can also now store more e-books in the Elipsa e-reader since its storage has a staggering capacity of 32GB. This is also the first time for the company to release storage of this size.

For the point-and-drag type of readers, a stylus pen will help you jot down notes faster than ever, as well as illustrating a doodle on the display. Your to-do lists will not be empty anymore with this guaranteed smooth writing feature in addition to its capability of converting your hand-scribbled notes into a custom text in just one click.

Moving forward with your drawings and writings, Kobo's Dropbox integration will aid you in exporting them as documents to cloud storage.

For Kobo patronizers, the old e-reader models will require you to long-press the text so that you can highlight it. Now, the bundled stylus will do the job for you through its button which lets you remove any mistake in your writing.

Aside from that, you can fully customize the stylus accordingly. You are free to choose either on its shade, eraser size, pen type, and line size which will fit your preference.

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Boasting its 10.3-inch display, Kobo's dedicated Elipsa e-readers set a high bar for its competitors like Samsung Tab S and iPad Pro which are both bigger than it.

Yet, its portability will not let you down since you can place it in almost all bags that Kobo readers want. Additionally, Elipsa has also stylus support which you noticed from the previous Apple tablets.

Kobo Elipsa Delivers ComfortLight Technology 

Kobo Elipsa: BIGGEST E-Reader Features Bundled Stylus, Supersized Screen, ComfortLight System and MORE
(Photo : Kobo)
Kobo Elipsa's ComfortLight Technology

Techradar noted that Kobo's Elipsa e-reader is not something you could see everywhere since it is capable of providing extreme comfort to the users thanks to its in-system ComfortLight technology. Through this feature, Elipsa can navigate the screen brightness and transform the hues from cool white to warm yellow light depending on the current time of the day.

To date, it utilizes the newest E-Ink technology which will create shaper text displays on your Kobo device. You can also select a Dark Mode option if you want to switch the background.

Commonly, Kobo e-readers have the usual Pocket Integration and OverDrive support which were not removed in Elipsa.

Kobo Elipsa Price, Launch Date, and Pre-order Details

There is a Kobo Elipsa Pack at the moment which is a complete set of an e-reader that includes the sleepcover and the Kobo Stylus. You can buy this for $399.99 (£349.99 / AU$599.95 / €399.99).

As early as now, you can begin placing your pre-orders at the official store of Kobo. The product will be shipped by June 24. Here are the countries where you can buy Kobo Elipsa pack:

  • the US

  • the UK

  • the Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • France

  • Belgium

  • Italy

  • Hongkong

  • Japan

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • Switzerland

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Turkey

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