Nacon has officially unveiled an upcoming RIG PRO compact controller that packs some punch with its 3D-audio booster Dolby Atmos. For those who want to amp their gaming experience, especially to the users of PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, this new console controller will step up for your big-time playtime.

RIG PRO Compact Controller's Compelling Features

Nacon Reveals Premium RIG PRO Compact Controller Boasting Dolby Atmos, Textured Grips, and More Programmable Options:Where to Buy?
(Photo : RIG Gaming via Screenshot from YouTube)
RIG PRO Compact Controller

In the latest article written by Windows Central, this powerful Xbox controller has been eyeing its release to prospective buyers. Besides its impressive Dolby Atmos support for headphones, the RIG PRO Compact Controller comes with a more desirable look thanks to its more sophisticated design.

In addition, this RIG PRO Compact controller can be inserted in the port of your PC, or Xbox Series X|S. Having said that, you are entitled to download exclusive access to the Dolby app which will give you a free-flowing sound vibe through the 3.5 mm headphone jack located at the bottom of the PRO Compact.

Originally, Nacon's new controller is designed for the specific purpose of satisfying the needs of Xbox Series X|S users. This wired controller also features a series of thumbsticks and textured grips which guarantee a smooth and nice hold whenever a player maneuvers a button.

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Together with a nylon braided cable of 10 feet, this RIG PRO Compact controller offers extensive button mapping thanks to its programmable options, and new Share button, as well as the trigger dead zones, thumbstick sensitivity, and huge buttons to provide a comfortable tapping for the users.

Overall, it was out there to compete with the best Xbox Series X|S controllers that users can choose from. Luckily, it is still the most unique Nacon controller at the moment because of its Dolby Atmos characteristic--the first to have this feature.

Earlier, IGN reviewed the newly-released controller. The gaming outlet said that it's even smaller than a standard Xbox controller. Besides, it's even lighter than most controller models out there. While it is lightweight at 203 grams, its complicated shape ruins its usability especially for those who have big hands.

For those who have huge grips, this controller will restrict your gaming experience to a certain degree. For those who are gifted with smaller hands, this is the highest level of blessing that you will receive for your gaming routine.

Where and When to Buy RIG PRO Compact Controller?

Nacon Reveals Premium RIG PRO Compact Controller Boasting Dolby Atmos, Textured Grips, and More Programmable Options:Where to Buy?
(Photo : RIG Gaming )
RIG PRO Compact Controller in two colors: black and white.

If you want to get this RIG PRO Compact controller as soon as possible, be reminded that it will be released next week in North America. Also, you can choose your preferred color from either white or black.

It's pretty interesting that this controller has so much to offer for the gamers especially to those who treasure buying premium gaming accessories in the community.

Don't miss this rare opportunity of having a luxurious and worthy controller beyond your liking. For $50, the ease of gaming is in your hands right now in the following stores:

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