Delete Facebook | Samsung Phone Users Can't Get Rid of the App Prompting Privacy Concerns
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Delete Facebook is something that some people might want to do but could actually be limited to some devices. Nick Winkle, a certain photographer over in the Pacific Northwest, was just pursuing internet forums when a particular complaint alarmed him. According to the complaint, certain Samsung smartphones won't allow users to delete their Facebook app.

Delete Facebook on the Samsung Galaxy S8

According to Bloomberg, Winkle bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 that has a pre-installed Facebook app. Winkle then attempted to remove the program but then found it "undeletable." The closest option that he got was to "disable" the app.

Winkle noted in an interview how the phone would not let him let go of the Facebook app, which reportedly brought up more questions. Questions included if the app tracks the users' information, location, or other activities. He then noted that consumers should have a say in what the users want or do not want on their products.

Samsung Privacy-Related Matters

Consumers have started to become more aware of their digital rights as well as other privacy-related matters over the past year following certain revelations about Facebook's information-sharing practices and the regulators' heightened scrutiny of the application's online data collection.

A Facebook spokesperson even said the disabled version of the app acts like it's been deleted, so it won't "continue collecting data" or even sending information back to Facebook itself. The California-based company notes that whether the pre-installed app will be deletable or not depends on the deals that Facebook made with phone manufacturers, mobile operators, and operating systems around the world which include Samsung.

Facebook Disclosure on Financial Nature of Their Agreements

Facebook said that as the world's largest social network, the company won't discuss the financial nature of their agreements. The company stated that they are reportedly meaning to give their consumers "the best" phone experience directly after opening the box.

Samsung, one of the world's largest smartphone makers, states that it provides a pre-installed Facebook app on a number of models with options to disable the app. Once the app is disabled, it will no longer run. Facebook, however, declined to provide a list of the partners that the company has dealt with regarding providing permanent apps.

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Facebook Pre-Loads of Facebook

Facebook said that the arguments vary by type and region. There is no complete list made available online, and consumers might not know if Facebook actually pre-loads unless they would ask a customer representative only when they purchase the phone. According to the executive director of the official Center for Digital Democracy, Jeff Chester, certain consumer-advocacy groups have actually been skeptical of certain agreements for years.

Chester said that although it is only recently that people have started to understand the apps could actually "power the spy" in the users' pockets. It was also noted that companies should actually file public documents containing these details. Facebook then turned over the public documents that showed users there is no actual data collected along with the app when it was disabled.

A Reddit thread tackles how consumers could be concerned over the lack of control over whether the pre-installed apps should be deletable or not.

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