Android PS5 controller support coming soon? It's definitely no secret that Android now runs on top of the official Linux kernel. This means that whenever there is a brand new Linux kernel feature, it could eventually trickle down to be usable on Android devices.

Sony PS5 Controller: DualSense Wireless

While the Sony PS5 controller, which is officially called the Sony DualSense Wireless Controller, usually works outside of the box for a number of Android devices, the two of its best features are the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback system which aren't supported by the official Linux kernel and also by extension, Android.

Despite the fact, the Linux kernel will be adding support for even more PS5 controller features. Some time last year, Phoronix was able to spot a brand new Linux kernel driver that was actually submitted by Sony engineers that will reportedly add support for the new DualSense game controller when it is connected through USB or Bluetooth.

Android PS5 Controller Support

According to XDA developers, the kernel driver reportedly adds all the key controller functionality which is supposed to include motion sensors, LEDs, touchpad, reading the lightbar, battery level, and even the rumble. The haptics firm Lofelt notes that the driver will allow Android apps to be able to control both the left and right actuators independently, according to Medium.

Users, however, will only be able to control the intensity and actually not the frequency or even the waveform of the vibration itself. Furthermore, the key features are said to be not yet supported by the driver include the VCM based haptics and the adaptive triggers. Both unfortunately could not be supported because of Linux's force feedback framework.

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Linux Kernel Driver

The kernel driver, nonetheless, was merged into the Linux 5.12 and is said to be in the process of being officially ported over to the Android Common Kernel. It is said to have already been merged to the Android12-5.10 and the Android 12-5.4 branches. Due to this, the Snapdragon 888 devices that are running Android 12 could be getting the new driver.

The upcoming Google Pixel 6 series is expected to launch with Linux kernel 5.10 which means that it will likely have the new Linux kernel driver for the Sony PS5 controller. The driver is now being backported to the Android 4.14-stable, the Android-4.9-q, and even the Android-4.19-stable branches which gives OEMs the option to be able to cherry pick the needed patches.

XDA developers note that the DualSense controller feels incredibly immersive. When it comes to correct implementation, it still isn't even possible for the Android apps to activate the vibration of the Sony DualSense controller like how the PS5 gamers are designed. Android also cannot support the controller's somewhat adaptive trigger features which technically add a bit of resistance.

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