Elon Musk has confirmed SpaceX's Ocean Spaceport called "Deimos," which is said to be already under construction and would have its first launch to take place next year. The spacecraft intended for this venture is none other than the Mars-bound spacecraft, the Starship, which would be joined by its Super Heavy rocket booster for its July Full-stack launch.

SpaceX's Ocean Spaceport: Deimos

In the recent tweet by the CEO of SpaceX (@elonmusk), he has confirmed the spaceport's existence and its possible first look from a fan render posted on social media. The image depicts an offshore platform in the middle of the ocean, where a standing Starship was erected, and the facility getting ready for its launch.

It is known that SpaceX would expand more on its Mars mission, especially after it has already accomplished a feat with its SN15 Starship, which was the most successful prototype that has landed. Most of the prototypes and other iterations of the spacecraft were destroyed after spontaneous combustions or explosions upon impact. It was also known that SpaceX has skipped the creation of the SN12, SN13, and SN14 but has revealed that they were the SN15's Marks 1 to 3, which were tested until finally arriving in the successful aircraft. The company has already surpassed the first obstacle they have, and it is through landing the Stainless Steel spacecraft, and the next is to do it with the Super Heavy.  

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SpaceX Starship: On its Way to Mars

SpaceX's Mars mission does not have a date to launch yet or intended mission period, but the sure thing is that it would happen by 2030, and speculations have initially pointed out to an unmanned spacecraft. Moreover, SpaceX's Starship is intended to continue its development already, as it hopes for a "Full Stack" launch in the coming July. As initially spotted by (@BocaChicaGal via NASA Spaceflight), a thruster puck was already seen in SpaceX's Starbase in Texas, bringing a new component needed by the Super Heavy rocket booster. This is a massive piece for the Starship, and it is an important piece in assembling the booster, which would give the Stainless Steel spacecraft its push towards Mars.

The success of SpaceX's SN15 prototype has opened a lot of doors for the company, especially as it aims to commercialize the trip to Mars in the coming years, bringing new opportunities for the generation. Moreover, the goal of SpaceX and Elon Musk to make humans a "multi-planetary species" is nearing its goals as the Starship missions move forward with the Deimos.

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