Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Production Starts | Foldable Clamshell Expected?
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Production Starts | Foldable Clamshell Expected?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date could be coming in very soon. Samsung has finally confirmed more or less that there will not be a new Samsung Galaxy Note 21 this year. This means that fans of the company's smartphones will only be given foldables to look forward to in just a few months.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Whether they would sink their money and teeth into those is, of course, a different question whose answer will actually be determined by its availability and price. Samsung is quite keenly aware of the overly cautious attitude when it comes to foldable phones and the company is now seemingly taking an equally cautious approach towards the early production of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

According to the sources of WinFuture, Samsung has already started to let the ball roll by starting mass production of the components to be used for its upcoming foldable phones. By starting the process as early as the first day of June, Samsung is now sending signals that it will be launching the device maybe two or three months later.

Samsung Starts Foldable Production

This would then pretty much confirm the leaks that Samsung's next Unpacked event might be held either in late June or maybe even August, with the product availability of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 following just a week or maybe two weeks after.

The report also notes that the company is now only producing a third of the volume that it is usually capable of for the more "normal" flagship smartphones. This isn't really surprising, though, given the total build costs as well as the higher selling price of this particular foldable which would then translate to greater risks.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Success

Samsung will now apparently only produce the said foldable phones quite gradually in order to be able to make certain adjustments along the way. This, of course, depends on how well or maybe even how poorly they would sell. 

According to the story by SlashGear, price will be playing a huge role in the success of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's success but it won't really be without reason even if it would then prove unconvincing. There are a few areas wherein Samsung seemed to have advanced the device, like the support for the S Pen.

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Samsung Foldable Clamshell

As of the moment, there are still some disagreements as to whether the stylus will be stored inside the phone or not. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, if it will now indeed be called that, is expected to actually be much cheaper in comparison to its predecessor.

Samsung will reportedly have a larger cover display located on the outside as well as upgraded specs. Production for the upcoming Samsung foldable clamshell has not yet started as of the moment but is also expected to launch at the exact same time as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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