Crayola Apologizes After Hackers Filled Its Facebook Page With Inappropriate Jokes


How could we not "like" Crayola's Facebook page? Crayola crayons pretty much made our childhood, helping us bring our imagination to life as we drew pictures of houses and our stick-figured family members.

But the page's almost 2.5 million followers may have noticed that the kid-friendly product took its posts from G to R-rated on Sunday when its Facebook account was hacked.

Although the hackers are not known (who would want to hack a crayon company?), Crayola has apologized for the colorful posts that featured sexual jokes and links to R-rated sites.

On Sunday, the company tweeted that it knew about the Facebook situation and was "making every effort it stop it." It was able to get the page back later that night, further apologizing for the offensive posts on both Facebook and Twitter.

"Our sincere apologies to our Facebook community for the inappropriate and offensive posts you may have seen here today," the Facebook post reads. "Please be assured the official Crayola page has been restored. We can't thank our fans enough for the feedback and support we received while working to resolve the issue ... you truly are the best and we look forward to an exciting and creative 2015!"

The offensively colorful posts were of course, deleted from the page. The risqué posts include cartoon drawings that were suggestive and not suitable for children.

Other R-rated posts feature male and female body parts and other images parents will not want their young children to see.

Many people took to Twitter to talk about the hack. Check out some tweets below.

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