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Facebook Messenger API for Instagram is now open for all developers. Last year, an initial beta test saw that the company grant at least 30 developers and 700 brands, including major companies like H&M and Ford, access to the API.

On June 2, the update was announced that any developer who wishes to start building for the platform can access the tool. A phased rollout to business accounts will follow.

The API allows the brands and businesses to access Instagram's messaging tools into their existing service and sales apps, making it easier for employees to field messages from customers.

Facebook Messenger API is Now Open

The Messenger API is something that the company already allowed businesses to do on Facebook. It is another example of how Facebook is bringing all of its chat apps together, according to Engadget. 

Since the end of 2020, developers have been able to opt into Instagram's new messaging experience, allowing developers to contact Facebook users who do not have Instagram accounts. It is also a move that sees Facebook further building out Instagram's shopping features.

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According to Facebook, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, which leans into that aspect of the platform by introducing features like an in-app shopping cart.

What Does Facebook Messenger API Do?

When someone sends a message to a business on Messenger and as long as the page uses an app to automate conversations, the Facebook server will send webhooks to the URL of the business server, according to TechCrunch. 

Using the Send API, the app can respond to the user on Messenger. In this way, developers can create a guided conversation to lead people through an automated flow or create an app to serve as a bridge between the agents and the business presence on Messenger.

The Messenger Platform does not require users to add any payment method. The feature is created for businesses to handle inquiries from their customers. As soon as you build your experience, you can then leverage Ads to bring people to your experience.

How can developers get started? Developers can get started by creating a test page and a test app that will allow them to try their experience within Messenger.

Once the app is ready to run, developers can submit it to Facebook for review. When the app passes its review process, it will be ready to interact with the public.

To get started, developers will need Messenger, a Facebook Page, and a URL where the webhook will be sent to.

The Facebook Page should represent the developer's business identity when connecting with people on Messenger.

Developers can visit Facebook's Page Create section to create a new Page, and they can also set up a test Page to start.

A Facebook Developer Account is also required to create new apps, which are the core of any Facebook integration. Developers can register by heading to the Facebook Developers website and clicking the Get Started button.

As for the Facebook App, developers can create a new one through the Add New App section.

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