NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang's journey to creating a major semiconductor giant has been on a rough start since he was an Asian immigrant in the United States. Embracing a new culture was the biggest adjustment that he made while experiencing the daily "culture shock" in the foreign country.

By the time you look again at your RTX cards, maybe you are wondering how it all started. Huang's struggles would inspire you that being different would let you reach the heights that you want to achieve. Regardless of race and color, the GPU boss' persistence has been his key weapon to overcome numerous hardships along his way.

Who is NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang?

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: How the Taiwanese Immigrant Thrived and Started the Big Semiconductor Company
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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

According to a post by The Immigrant Learning Center, Huang has managed to endure lots of challenges after migrating to the United States. He first worked in Denny's, a famous American fast-food chain.

When he was a kid, he had a penchant for seeing new things in the country including the biggest restaurants like Pizza Hut and McDonald's. However, he felt scared and sad during that time.

Huang was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1963. Before going to the United States, his family first moved to Thailand. From what he remembered, Jensen said that his childhood experience was somehow "difficult" for the children of his age. At nine years old, his main chore involves cleaning toilets in the comfort room.

When his family transferred to Tacoma, Washington in the US, Huang proved to the world that he could be "different." His skills in sports put him in third place in the US Open Table Tennis Championship (junior doubles) at the age of 15.

After migrating to the US, he continued his studies until he graduated from Oregon State University in 1984 with an undergraduate degree in BS in Electrical Engineering. Years later, he finished his master's degree at Stanford University.

At 30 years old, Huang co-founded NVIDIA as the CEO. There was a time when he became one of the highest-paid founders among tech companies until he decided to slash his salary to a whopping-low $1.00.

With this persistence and perseverance. Huang managed to survive the odds that almost devoured him. He has failed many times but did not stop him from trying again. The only thing that he knew at that time was NVIDIA could be successful someday--which happened later.

From the rise of the graphics processing unit (GPU) to the cards running several devices, Jensen knew that his company's contribution to technology, AI, VR, and autonomous driving has become a sparkplug of the other tech firms.

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NVIDIA CEO is Leaning on AI This Time

From CRN's report last month, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said that his chip-making company would be driven by the "next major wave of AI" this year.

"This is a really large endeavor and the early indications of it are really exciting, and the reason for that is because our data center business is more than 50 percent vertical industry enterprises already. And by creating this easy-to-adopt and easy-to-integrate stack, it's going to allow them to move a lot faster," Huang said during the company's Q1 2022 Earnings Call.

Moreover, Huang continued that NVIDIA was selling components to their resellers and integrators, but only a few of them were existing. So far, he relies on his mantra "Buy more and save more," which tackles the benefits of the NVIDIA GPUs to the data centers.

The semiconductor creator commended their efforts in crafting software en route to its AI path. Some of the company's newest software products, NVIDIA Fleet Comment and NVIDIA Omniverse have been set already to serve its customers.

Despite the ongoing global chip shortage, NVIDIA is confident that it would survive the card crisis that continuously hits several tech giants.

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