How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted the Move of Field Service Management Software to the Cloud?
(Photo : How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted the Move of Field Service Management Software to the Cloud?)

Cloud-based field service management software has been in use by service providers all over the world for quite some time. The COVID-19 pandemic has additionally proven that adopting such technology remains crucial for businesses, as it provides organizations with vital tools to continue operations while avoiding spreading the infection even further.

The benefits of cloud-based field service management cannot go unnoticed

Field service management software based in the cloud allows greater mobility of technicians, services and the organization as a whole. It helps deliver service in a way that's much safer and faster than it used to be. With all key services delivered remotely, it is a tool for modern organizations.

Going mobile, while social distancing

Mobile FSM applications allow field service workers to stay in touch with the office without the need to visit personally. The AI-driven technologies introduced in modern FSM software also enable work optimization, allowing staff to be assigned with a carefully designed schedule, possibly to their own location, limiting the need for travel.

Saving time and money

A cloud-based field service management system is light software that's scalable and allows future cost optimization. There's no need for costly hardware or updates. Thanks to cloud computing technology, FSM software is everything that a business needs now and in the future, as the solution can be upgraded at any time.

Staying safe

Security is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the right FSM solution for a service provider. Just as your technicians need to be safe, your organization and data must also be secure. To meet these needs, cloud-based field service management software can be updated more often and more easily than traditional products.

Cloud-based field service management software in the post COVID-19 era

Cloud computing is and will continue to be the go-to technology in service delivery sector. As the world becomes increasingly digital, services need to follow. We have already seen the value of implementing cloud-based software solutions, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only emphasized that.

At Comarch, our FSM team has been working on the best possible cloud solutions for years. We understand that it's not only about technology, but matching the right solution with specific business needs. And that's where we believe cloud computing technology will go in the coming months.

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