Clothing Company Recycles Wasted Milk to Make Clothing Through Re-Engineering Process
(Photo : Screenshot From Mi Terro Website) Clothing Company Recycles Wasted Milk to Make Clothing Through Re-Engineering Process

Clothing company Mi Terro makes literal "milk tees" through recycling spoiled make to make clothing. There are about 116 million tons of dairy products that are wasted around the world with around half of them lost even before they ever reach the store!

An article by HackerNoon details how an LA-based startup company called Mi Terro has been using their patented biotechnology in order to actively re-engineer certain parts of food waste into what resulted in "sustainable fibers." The company was able to create the first ever "milk tees" and have also succeeded in creating 100% plant-based packaging films.

Mi Terro Re-Engineering Process:

1. Acquiring Spoiled Milk Supply

Mi Terro works with leading dairy farms around the world welcoming more people to adopt sustainable business practices.

2. Milk fermentation

The company uses some sort of special fermentation process that drains the water and fat to bring the spoiled milk into its "Pro-Act" stage.

3. Pro-Act or Protein Activation

Protein Activation or Self-Assembly purification is used to extract and purify the casein protein coming from the spoiled milk bacteria. The process reportedly uses less than 60% less water than a normal shirt.

4. Dynamic Flow Shear Spinning

The last step spins the casein protein into fibers which then form yarn. Once the milk yarn is mixed along with Micromodal, which is a natural fiber coming from beechwood.

Agricultural Waste Alternative

According to the company's website, Mi Terro uses plastic-based alternative biomaterials that are actually made from agricultural waste and are 100% bio-based and even compostable. The article by Hackernoon notes that the company has committed to plant 15 trees for every purchase in partnership with the official Eden Reforestation Projects.

Overall, one of the more established company goals is to be able to create a brand new form of circular economy which is based directly on agricultural waste. This has been a major issue in contemporary society.

How Much Water Does it Take to Make a Cotton Shirt?

It reportedly takes 2700 liters of water in order to create a single cotton shirt which could be a potential problem in the large scope. The company reportedly tries to limit its water consumption with its re-engineering process.

The company is reportedly taking large steps towards the future in order to replace the use of plastic with certain agricultural waste through the use of innovative technology. As pioneers of the particularly sustainable technology, this company could help lead other new and even already existing businesses to follow their methodologies and goals to reduce the total world consumption.

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Recycling Technology 2021

The recycling technology of today, although hasn't been left behind, hasn't been scaled to a point where it has a major effect on certain sectors. The textile and fashion industry, on the other hand, still practices some disagreeable methods when it comes to environmental standards.

With more and more things being recycled like spoiled milk, there's no telling what else future clothes can be made of.

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