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Facebook is set to launch a new set of tools to help the group admins in the platform get proper control of their communities.

Aside from offering a clearer overview of posts and members, there is an AI-powered feature that Facebook stated can identify contentious or unhealthy conversations that are taking place in the comment section.

The AI-powered featured called Conflict Alerts is made to help the admins tackle conflict effectively.

Facebook's Conflict Alerts

Conflict Alerts is being tested by Facebook now, and its availability across the platform is still unclear. It is similar to the existing Keywords Alerts feature on the site, which lets admins create custom alerts for when commenters use certain words and phrases, but it uses machine learning models that spots more subtle types of issues.

As soon as the admin has been alerted, they can immediately take action by deleting comments, removing users from a group, limiting how often people can comment, or how often comments can be made on certain posts in the group.

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However, it is not clear how the AI can detect contentious or unhealthy conversations, and Facebook offered little detail when The Verge reached out for an explanation.

A Facebook spokesperson stated that the company would use machine learning models to look at multiple signals like reply time and comment volume to determine if the engagement between users has or might lead to any negative interactions.

Conflict Alerts uses AI systems similar to those Facebook already deploys to flag any abusive speech on the platform. These models are far from 100% reliable and are often fooled by simple things like irony, humor, and slang.

However, they should be able to pick up on the more obvious cues that an argument is happening, like someone posting insults and slurs.

Other new tools for admins being introduced by Facebook include a new admin homepage that will also function as a dashboard, offering an overview of posts, members, and reported comments.

There is also access to new members' summaries. They compile each group member's activity in the group, like the number of times they have posted and commented or when they have had posts removed or muted.

One of the tools, the Admin Assist feature, can be used to automate comment moderation. This will let the admins restrict who is allowed to post comments on the group and remove spam and unwanted promotions by banning certain links. 

Facebook's Other Features

According to IOL, Facebook is set to add three new messaging features that will enhance Messenger's experience. The new features include a quick reply bar, new chat themes, and QR code and payment links that will allow the users to send and receive money.

The new chat themes will allow both Instagram and Messenger users to personalize their chat rooms. The quick reply bar to the Messenger media viewer can help increase efficiency. It makes it easier to have conversations sparked by a video or picture without going back to the main chat thread.

Meanwhile, US Messenger users can easily use payment links and QR codes to send or request money using Facebook Pay.

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