Facebook is now allowing satire posts to stay on everyone's News Feed, and would not be immediately subjected as "misinformation," despite its massive change to its Community Guidelines. The company has recently allowed this and is now being adopted by its Oversight Board, giving misleading memes that are satirical by nature, a free pass. 

Facebook Allows Satire Posts to Stay

Facebook Allows Satirical Posts to News Feed
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Memes on Facebook lives on, and it would continue to stay on the platform, provided that it is of satirical nature, and not intended to mislead people into believing false knowledge. Facebook has been cracking down on misinformation for quite some time now, and it has evolved its Oversight Board to be a more assertive entity amongst the social media's content moderation efforts. 

Facebook has enforced different content moderation tools and policies to help further its fight against misinformation, featuring AIs that can help detect conflicts in comments for moderators and more. The social media company has also aimed to better its platform for children and avoid predatory schemes and harassment online. 

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Facebook's Oversight Board to Look Into Wrongful Bans

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Despite Facebook's battle against misinformation, it has allowed a more lax approach in handling satirical posts and memes on its platform, by having the Oversight Board review it further for its stay in the News Feed. This was based on a case by a Turkish poster that has talked about the Armenians and its government's genocide, intended to be satirical.

Initially, Facebook's AI has detected it to be a post that violates the Community Guidelines by the social media, and banned the content, taking it off the platform. However, it was contested by the people that have posted it, saying that it was not intended to spread "Hate Speech," or the said violation. 

With this, the Oversight Board was brought in, and these are composed of content moderator persons which use the "human side" of Facebook's content moderation aspect. Having them would appeal more to the emotions and intentions of people which have been branded by Facebook's AI as a violation. The board has reinstated the post, seeing as it was satirical. 

Facebook's New Content Direction

In recent months, Facebook has been seen to have been reinforcing its measures to fight against fake news and people that go against the Community Guidelines. 

This is to help the social media platform be a better place to stay and browse on, despite the many concerns against its operations, directed against its management. 

Facebook's new content direction has helped it be a safer place, especially amidst the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination era, where people have been posting about fake news non-stop. 

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