Software solutions leader WorkWave has announced its successful acquisition of Real Green Systems, also a provider of field service solutions geared towards green service industries. The agreement between the two companies boosts WorkWave as an industry leader in providing solutions, with Real Green Systems' trusted service and solutions joining the fold.

"This acquisition is something rarely seen. It is two successful, fast-growing, market-leading companies coming together to create something truly special," says David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave, in a company press release. "It marks the beginning of a new chapter where WorkWave will help our customers focus on the future, helping them to go beyond service to create effective, fast-growing, highly profitable service organizations that also deliver the best service experience possible."

Giannetto adds that Real Green Systems share the same mission and that with the merger, the two entities will be utilizing their expanded product portfolio to give the maximum value for their clients.

"We have tremendous respect for the Real Green team, and the goal of this acquisition is to not just allow them to continue to lead the green industries forward, but to help them make an even greater impact," the WorkWave exec added.

WorkWave's Real Green Acquisition
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A Common Background in Providing Solutions

Both WorkWave and Real Green Systems trace their origins to being founded by actual industry professionals about four decades ago. Since then, both companies have grown to become well-respected entities in their respective markets and establishing recognizable brand names over the following decades.

Now that the two companies are set to join forces, their respective clientele can expect the best of both worlds. Real Green Systems will advance more quickly and access a wider market while WorkWave will enjoy the depth of expertise Real Green has in catering to the specific needs of green industries.

"This acquisition is one of the most impactful combinations in field service, merging two forward-

looking companies who helped shape their respective industries," said WorkWave Chairperson Darren Roos. He adds that their board of directors, together with investment firm EQT Partners, support the company's commitment to empowering its customers. As a sign of their support, former Real Green investor Serent Capital, together with Real Green founder Joe Kucik, will both roll significant equity and join TA Associates as WorkWave minority owners.

The Real Green Systems acquisition follows WorkWave's signed acquisition deal with Slingshot, a leader in customer call center software. With these new additions to the WorkWave portfolio, the company only proves its commitment to creating an organization that is the best partner in the industry.

About WorkWave

WorkWave offers scalable, cloud-based solutions designed to support all stages of a business's life cycle - from marketing, sales, delivery, customer experience, and financial management. For almost 40 years now, it has become a trusted partner for an impressive number and range of customers, including those from the industries of pest control, lawn care and maintenance, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, and more.

About Real Green Systems

Based in Walled Lake, Michigan, Real Green Systems is also approaching four decades of specialist care with its software and marketing solutions for green industries such as landscaping and pest control. It's flagship offering, the Real Green Service Assistant, remains among the top customer relationship management software solutions.

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