Cryptocurrency Rumor | Chinese Whales Shorting Ethereum Due to Vitalik Affair with Husband
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Cryptocurrency Rumor | Chinese Whales Shorting Ethereum Due to Vitalik Affair with Husband

Cryptocurrency rumor spills the reason why Ethereum prices have been going down lately as founder Vitalik allegedly had an affair with the husband of a female crypto whale. The rumor allegedly spreads from China as a small group of whales are now shorting $ETH.

Ethereum Rumor Out of China

Although the story sounds too far from something that is actually happening, there has been supporting evidence to peddle the story even further. The founder of Trading Dojo tweeted out the story but left out any supporting evidence.

According to his tweet, the rumor came "out of China" and that there is a small group of female whales that are currently shorting $ETH due to the alleged story that Vitalk slept with one of the crypto whales' husbands. There was no link or supporting article to help clarify just how truthful the rumor is.

Supporting Evidence of the Rumor

There was, however, a reply to the Tweet that showed "confirmation." The reply by @MBaskitch noted that the user saw "15" shorts on the way down. There was then a screenshot showing crypto whale movement and out of the 13 shown in the screenshot, six of them were Ethereum.

As of the moment, this is the strongest data shown to support the rumor but it might not be enough. It's also hard to verify as to where the source of the data came from since there was no reference from the founder of Trading Dojo. As of the moment, it is still considered a rumor as there has not yet been any official confirmation.

$ETH Price Prediction

The small group of female crypto whales are yet to be known, but there has been no confirmation that such a group even exists. Everything is currently speculatory as the price of Ethereum has dropped, but this incident cannot yet be pinpointed as the sole reason behind the shorting. 

As of the moment, $ETH is pouncing around the $2,000 price point with Ethereum price predictions going both ways. While there are traders trying to pedal the idea that the cryptocurrency $ETH will multiply in value, as of the moment, the price has slowly been decreasing over the past month.

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Ethereum Price Prediction RSI Indicator

While the price of $ETH has reached $4,000 in the past, the coin is now at around half of its ATH (all time high). According to an update by WhaleBot Alerts on Telegram, Ethereum has dropped -1.35% in the last 24 hours.

Ethereum indicator RSI shows the coin currently at 64.45 and the volatility is moderately high. According to the WhaleBot Alerts, traders should probably buy now or soon. Of course, this depends on the indicators that traders are using but according to RSI alone, there could be a possible entrance for those that want to buy Ethereum at its low price.

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