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"Fornite" Chapter 2 Season 7 presents new challenges, and the two most notable ones are placing alien light communication device on mountain tops and destroying three boats on the Craggy Cliff. 

'Fortnite Challenge:' Destroying Three Boats

Aside from collecting cat food and spotting crop circles in "Fortnite" Chapter 2, Season 7, there are challenges that will require players to use the Battle Island map.

One of them is destorying the boats, which is one of the easiest and fastest challenges to complete, as long as the player knows where to go.

The boats can be located in Craggy Cliff, which is in the northern part of the Battle Island. The players need to head down to the beach and go straight to the boathouse. In there, they will see a pile of boats that they will need to destory to complete the challenge. 

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Two of the boats need to take two hits each, and the last one needs to take four hits before it can be destroyed. Once all are destroyed, the challenge is complete, and the player earns 30,000 XP, which can be used to unlock passes and rewards, according to DBLTAP.

As soon as the challenge is completed, the players will need to stop by the nearest hotel building or make their way into the boathouse to get one of the Week 3 Alien Artifacts, as reported by SportsKeeda.

'Fortnite Challenge:' Alien Light Communication

Another challenge that players need to do is place alien communication devices on mountain tops. It is one of the most important challenges in the game, and once completed, the players can continue with the storyline, as reported by PCGames. 

There are a lot of mountain tops on the "Fortnite" island, so looking for the right ones to put the device in can be difficult. The challenge matches the alien theme of "Fortnite" Chapter 2 Season 7.

The first alien light communication place players need to go to can be found on top of the mountain located below Misty Meadows. Players are highly encouraged to land there because climbing the mountain will be time-consuming, and it will require the players to gather a lot of materials.

The second alien light communication location is on a mountain located below Misty Meadows. It can be found on the smaller mountain to the left of the first location.

The third alien light communication location in the game can be located on the massive mountain located below Catty Corner. It is located on the level below the tallest peak, just in front of the solar panels.

The fourth location is right below Retail Row, but it can be reached from landing at the third location.

All in all, there are four locations, but players only need to plant the device in two mountains in order to fulfill the quest requirements. This will bag players 30,000 XP, which can be used towards unlocking battle pass items and rewards.

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