Lucid Motors said that the reservations for the luxury electric sedan, Air, have already reached more than 10,000. Although it is expected that the reservations would still be higher than usual, the growing EV production in the company could be enough to rival Tesla.

According to CEO Peter Rawlinson, the firm has been struggling due to the delays in the manufacturing of its electric vehicles. The good news is they are now coming close to their set numbers.

Lucid CEO Hopes For the Arrival of More 'Air' Deliveries

Lucid's 'Air' Electric Luxury Sedan Records More than 10,000 Reservations--A Comparison to its Previous Versions
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Lucid "Air" electric luxury sedan has already over 10,000 reservations

According to a report by USA Today on Wednesday, June 23, Lucid has surpassed 10,000 paid reservations for the luxury electric car that could compete with Elon Musk's Tesla EVs.

The boss of the Silicon-based company said that they have begun production of prototypes in Arizona. At the end of 2021. Lucid expects that more customers would order electric vehicles.

"We achieved a landmark last Friday when we started building our quality validation production run of cars. We completed our pre-production run very successfully. The quality validation builds are the cars that we eventually will sell directly to customers once we get the quality right. This is a big step in our mission to industrialize," Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson said.

In line with this goal, Rawlinson hopes that the Air's "Dream Edition" would be delivered in this year's second half. During Q2 2021, the revamped Dream only lasted for a while. Lucid stated that this time, they would only create 500 units of it.

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Comparing Lucid Air 2021 to Other Models

The latest Air is priced at $69,900. The Air Touring sits at $95,000. Meanwhile, Air Grand Touring and Air Dream Edition cost $139,000 and $169,000 respectively.

For their range, the Air (480 hp) and the Air Touring (620 hp) both can reach up to 406 miles while the Air Dream Edition (1,080) could reach 503 miles. The fastest is the Air Grand Touring (800 hp) that could run for up to 517 miles.

It's noteworthy to notice that despite the differences in horsepower, the Grand Touring's range is still unbelievable compared to Dream Edition.

When it comes to 0-60s acceleration, 1/4 mile time, and top speed, the Air Dream Edition is the most impressive at 2.5s, 9.9s, and 168 mph. The Grand Touring records 3s, 10.8s, and 168 mph. On the other hand, the Air Touring boasts 3.2s, 11.4s, and 155 mph. For the latest Air, its performance specs are still undetermined. 

For the charging comparison, all of them have the same feature at 300 miles in 20 mins (1,200 mph). It is expected that the newest Air luxury sedan will be released next year, Electrek reported.

Air Grand Touring and Dream Edition will come on Q2 2021 whereas the Air Touring will be launched on Q4 2021.

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