A Dedicated Individual Carving Her Own Path - "Dr. Regina A. Johnson"
(Photo : A Dedicated Individual Carving Her Own Path - "Dr. Regina A. Johnson" )

Most people these days compromise their dreams and values out of the feeling of fear. People who challenge their conditions and go out of their comfort zone to reach their destination are called warriors. Why? Because compromising seems like an easier path chosen by most people who are too scared to take a leap of faith. 

The world is full of people who follow the route laid out in front of them by their circumstances. Even the slightest of the hurdles break their motivation, deviating them from their real goals. Few individuals, however, have created history by pushing themselves out of their boundaries and making sure they don't give up on their dreams due to the obstacles they face in life. 

Every successful journey's basic foundation starts with a strong mindset and inner will to widen the horizons. Success in life doesn't come easy, and if an individual ends up compromising due to the difficulties in the way, he doesn't possess a 'Champion's Mindset.' A courageous individual who has challenged her conditions and has managed to push her boundaries in order to reach her desired destination is Dr. Regina A. Johnson, a renowned author, naval officer, life coach, motivational speaker, and a remarkable mother. 

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Regina has been an owner of a curious mind.  Living in a country like Brazil, which has a long history of patriarchy and misogyny which is so prevalent in Brazilian society. 

The status of women in Brazil is emblematic of the country's internal tensions. Brazil is a country where a woman can become president; yet it also has one of the highest rates of femicide - the killing of women due to their gender - in the world.

Females get a lot of harassment, from a very young age. And, if it were not enough the lack of opportunities and exploitation is a reality women have been facing for centuries. 

1. An Individual With Clear Goals And A Strong Mindset

Regina did not settle for less. She refused to let her circumstances limit her dreams or re-define her success. Since childhood, Regina has been an avid book reader. The relationship she developed with books became special to the extent that reading turned into an escape for her. An escape from the Brazilian community's toxicity and the difficulties she saw her mother going through to survive in such an environment. Regina's passion for books and the daily hours she invested in the library helped her strengthen her social conscious awareness, which was much needed while living in such a challenging culture.  

With her enlightenment due to the books she came across, Regina started becoming aware of the injustice and corruption of her society. "It was a discovery that made me feel isolated. The majority of my girlfriends were unaware of their suffering and exploitation. They thought: 'this is it, and there is no way out,'" she says. 

Yet, Regina, on the other hand, wasn't a quitter. The exposure to the books made her realize that she had options to get out of the oppression. As she explored new cultures, Regina came across the idea of moving to the United States of America, a country where women are decision-makers as well as problem-solvers, a "paradise" indeed. 30 years ago, Regina left Brazil and immigrated to the United States of America convinced that here females were treated with dignity and respect. With her shifting countries came in new opportunities and much bigger exposure. Due to a knack for academia, Regina received her Bachelor of Arts in General Special Education and Elementary School from Rivier College, Nashua, New Hampshire. She then moved ahead with her Master's in Counseling Psychology & Addictions from Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After that she felt called to pursue a higher level of academic preparation. Then, she acquired a Doctorate in Leadership and Ministry from the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Massachusetts. 

Regina was always passionate for the idea to serve the community and she wanted to utilize her academic training and experience by crafting a rigorous learning environment for a transformational learning experience seeking to clarify her call and prepare herself for a lifetime of spiritual growth in ministry. She initiated her community services as the Assistant Pastor at the Belmont Street Baptist Church in Watertown, Massachusetts. She served with Rev. Harry G. "Tex" Jones (in memory) who became her mentor in the art of preaching and pastoral care.

Regina became a bi-vocational professional serving as a local Pastor and as a Mental Health Counselor. She assisted providers and mental health clinics to understand the painful reality of the low-income, uninsured immigrants burdened by poverty and a high prevalence of trauma exposure. Then, she worked hard towards providing care to those vulnerable to mental health problems due to significant disparities in access to, use of, and quality of mental health services.  Regina, as a Psychotherapy proactively served the Latino community in the greater Boston area. She invested her time and energy in taking care of the Latino individuals and their families. 

With progress follows success. In 2009, Regina stepped into the naval services while attending the Officer Development School in Newport, Rhode Island. Her first duty station was at the Naval Health Clinic Hawaii (NHCH) in Honolulu, HI.

Upon further research I discovered that, Regina is committed to the common goal of upholding the Constitution and protection our nation. Not only Regina is a good fit for the job, but as a Naval Chaplain she can also combine her two passions: serving this land and others. Regina is very grateful for having the opportunity to serve in the United States Navy and she consider a privilege to be in uniform honoring the country of her choice. 

Regina's military records shows that she has a long and deep history and dedication to caring for our Sailors, Marines, Coast Guards and their families. Her gifts, talents, passion, courage and determination are time tested. The Chaplain Corps is blessed for having topnotch naval chaplains, like Regina. Certainly, her caring heart and passion for people make us feel honored with her services. 

2. Exploring Her Potential

Regina's dedicated performance has enabled her to achieve several notable awards during her Naval Services journey. Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal have been successfully added to the talented individual's portfolio. 

Some relationships ignite a spark in an individual that had been buried deep inside them. As she became a mother, Regina realized that writing had been something that she had left behind. Her daughter, Orlanda, had inherited Regina's curious mind, which led her to ask different questions from her mother. As a result, Regina decided to write children's books to provide a helping hand to other parents and children with similar questions.

Three of the talented writer's prominent works include "Unique - Not Weird!" and "Naval Warship Hidden Treasure" and "The City Without Walls". These are three thoughtful books.  

"Unique - Not Weird!" talks about racial issues in a tasteful and tactful way. Children loves to read it and they learn how to respect, and appreciate the differences between people. 

"Naval Warship Hidden Treasure" is the first book in a series about the contributions and sacrifices made by military children and their families. It is also a recognition that rarely we encounter stories about the challenges experienced by female Sailors as they simultaneously balance military obligations with parenting. This children's book shows some of Regina's family dynamics, parenting philosophy and authentic dialogue with her 5-year-old daughter as she relates with her daddy and reacts with her mother's absence due to frequent ship underway.  

"A City Without Walls" - This book tells of Little Doo-Doo, seeing the sad reality and the suffering of the homeless in San Diego, California. She understood it is necessary to lead, so she creates an action plan to change and impact other people's lives. 

Regina says: "We live in a world where some leaders are indifferent to the suffering of others.  It is necessary to teach our children to dream, believe and work for a better and more equitable world.  For years, I wondered how to contribute to a better world.  I found that I have no way of controlling or changing what is not up to me but I can control myself.  So, social justice and love for others begins with me.  I will do everything possible to plant the seeds of love, compassion and social commitment, to this new generation so our children can change the history of humanity -- starting with me and my own family."  

Above all, Regina not only is a tremendous writer but she is also able to keep her values and purpose front and center. Her life journey is a concrete demonstration that she has developed a stronger sense of self-respect, dignity and social awareness. She was able to overcome rejection, discrimination and hardships. She confronted her wounds and became a healer. Her hard work is worthwhile. Her courageous spirit, commitment to never give up enabled her to become a renowned personality in the USA. 

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