"Pokemon GO" July has a lot in store for trainers and fans alike, especially as it would debut "Pokemon GO Fest 2021" as part of the game's 5th-anniversary special. Moreover, a Deoxys Raid is coming, and it would probably be in the 5-star raids category, where it would pose a massive challenge for trainers, for a chance to get the Mythical Pokemon.

Niantic and The Pokemon Company has planned a lot for its July 2021, as it is a special one for the game that was released on July 6, 2016. A lot has transpired for "Pokemon GO," from its roots to the Generation 1 Kanto creatures, now focusing on Generation VI's arrival on the platform in the recent Luminous Legends event last May.

'Pokemon GO' Turns 5 This 2021

"Pokemon GO" has gone through ups and downs, but remains strong up to this date, especially amidst this pandemic where people were restricted to stay at home. This prevented some to be unable to travel and go to various PokeStops, and walk to have their eggs hatch into various Pokemon.

However, amidst this hindrance, "Pokemon GO" and Niantic Labs are still looking forward to the celebration of "Pokemon GO Fest 2021" and its 5th anniversary since its release last 2016. According to Pokemon GO Live, trainers have a lot to look forward to for the upcoming event, especially as it brings more than what meets the eye, and what was announced.

The Bidoof Breakout event would continue, and it would bring the "shenanigans" of what the Pokemon has brought on the initial event that was launched. Additionally, Shiny Bidoofs are still coming to the game, giving everyone a chance to catch one and have it evolve into special evolutions of the beaver-looking creature.

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'Pokemon GO' Fest 2021

A massive July treat is coming for "Pokemon GO" and it is in the form of "Pokemon GO Fest 2021" which would hold a massive event for this month, in commemoration of the popular game. The continuation and probable extension of the Bidoof breakout event is one thing, but it would be joined by countless raids and more to be offered by the game.

Mewtwo Raid events are coming from July 16 until July 23, and a Shiny Mewtwo is in store among them. Several Mega Raids are also coming, featuring Houndoom (July 1-16), Gengar (July 16-23), and Charizard X (July 23-Aug. 6).

All Wednesdays of July will also feature a "Raid Hour" with Pokemon appearing as follows Wednesday, July 7 Defense Forme Deoxys, Wednesday, July 14 Defense Forme Deoxys, Wednesday, July 21 Mewtwo, Wednesday, July 28 to be announced.

'Pokemon GO' Deoxys Raid Event

The Deoxys Raid Event would happen for the first half of the month, starting Thursday, July 1, until Friday, July 16. Here, Deoxys will continuously appear on five-star raids so be alert for its appearance.

Community Days and Spotlight Hours would also take place for the entire month, so stay tuned as well for their arrival.

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