Top Cryptocurrencies Continue to Fall While Others Thrive, Gaining Double-Digit Assets
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The total market capitalization of over 10,700 cryptocurrencies is approximately $1.34 trillion on June 30. However, the crypto market as a whole recently lost a combined total of 3.92%.

Top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which has 45.73% of the $1.42 trillion capital, and Ethereum, with 17.8%, lost a handful of their assets. However, they were able to improve over the last few days.

But as they grow a little slower, other cryptocurrencies have seen an increase in their assets, with some even garnering double-digit gains.

Top Cryptocurrencies Get Low Gains

According to News Bitcoin, a wide range of cryptocurrencies recently experienced double-digit gains.

On the other hand, significant competitors such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) saw weaker performance improvements. Forexample, Bitcoin gained 2.74% over the U.S. dollar during the last seven days, while Ethereum at $8.89%.

What Are Top Performing Cryptocurrencies?

The top cryptocurrencies remained to have minor improvements against the dollar while many unconventional cryptocurrencies spiked much higher.

An unconventional crypto asset, STEEM, was able to gain 54% over the last seven days, and its cousin STEEM Dollars got over 31%. These digital currencies mainly generate its upvoting and tips from its STEEMIT blogging website.

News Bitcoin reported that the prediction market crypto-asset augur or REP had a massive leap of 51%. 

These REP tokens are typically utilized within the Augur system to give system users the capability to make their prediction markets on various topics.

On the other hand, Monero Classic's (XMC) had a 45% jump over the last seven days. The said cryptocurrency is a fork that comes from the privacy coin monero or XMR.

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Double-Digit Gains

News Bitcoin also mentioned that crypto assets that saw 51% attacks also got double-digit gains over the last week. 

For example, just right below XMC's rise, another cryptocurrency, Vertcoin, spiked 40%. The coin just beneath Vertcoin is Bitcoin Gold, rising 38%.

The changes of the last seven days against the U.S. dollar reflect that Ethereum Classic, which was attacked by 51%, rose by 41%. Likewise, a forgotten digital cryptocurrency launched back on April 16, 2013, Feathercoin, recently garnered 29% over the week.

Feathercoin is one of the most ancient coins in the crypto market, and it used to be within the top 10 crypto contenders. However, it fell short with the rise of more significant cryptocurrencies and is now in the 100th spot. 

Market aggregators directly showed that Civic by Vinny Lingham also increased by 26% during the seven days.

A more recent meme-based cryptocurrency, ERC, jumped 22% in assets. It shares a similar concept to other meme coins such as Shiba Inu Coin and Dogecoin. Nevertheless, the 24-hour statistics of the crypto community have been quite different. 

Lastly, the news outlet stated that ETC declined by 1.75%, FTC by 8.29%, and VTC by 4.12%.

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