Coinbase 'Crypto Hub' to Hire Hundreds of Workers in India with $1,000 Hiring Bonus
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Coinbase 'Crypto Hub' to Hire Hundreds of Workers in India with $1,000 Hiring Bonus

Coinbase, a Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange is now actively building a particular cryptocurrency hub in India. The company announces that it has "ambitious plans" for the new South Asian crypto hub. The company is also looking into hiring hundreds of new engineers for a number of positions.

Coinbase 'Crypto Hub' India

Coinbase has just recently published a blog which was authored by the company's VP of Engineering as well as Site Lead in India, Pankaj Gupta. Gupta had previously joined Coinbase just about two months ago in order to help the company establish as well as lead a brand new tech hub for the company in India.

Gupta then explained and elaborated that there has really never been a "more exciting time" for people to be working in crypto. He stated that this is even true worldwide but also especially in India. Gupta then noted that India is now seeing a boom in the whole crypto-native talent as well as creating and growing different crypto projects.

Coinbase Plans in India

According to the story by, Gupta also emphasized that asd of the moment, it is still within the very early days for the company's India tech hub. Despite being new, it was also noted that the tech hub has actually already been able to take off with an incredible amount of interest in their open roles from all across India. 

He also added that Coinbase is now also trying to explore startup acquisitions and acquihires. The popular Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange, as of the moment, is hiring both junior and senior roles with a lot of different positions available.

Coinbase Plans to Build 'Core Support Team'

The roles are for product management, design and program management, user experience, and maybe even more. Gupta also noted that Coinbase is now also creating its strong "core support team" in areas like in HR as well as recruiting in order to help provide a better well-rounded support for their India hub.

Gupta, the VP of engineering at Coinbase, noted that the company has "ambitious plans" for their hub some time in the near future. It was also revealed that the company wants to hire hundreds of different world class engineers within the near term as well.

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Coinbase to Give $1,000 to New Hires

Gupta also detailed that as a company that is product-led, it is very important that Coinbase's new hires in India truly understand the different services and products that they are all trying to help deliver. He then detailed that that is the reason why they are introducing a new program that is called Clkka which is a shortcut for "Coinbase India Sikka."

The program is expected to offer every new employee India a massive $1,000 in crypto when they decide to start. Coinbase has already officially announced their plan to expand in India back in March and the company also unveiled its plans to launch a new Apple-like app store as well.

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