'Breathing' RTX 3080 PC Build Made by YouTuber, No Fans on This One!
(Photo : Screengrab from DIY Perks via Youtube)

The very first "breathing" PC build was created by DIY Perks. It does not need to rely on hardware to cool a serious gaming PC build that rocks an RTX 3080.

The Build Design

The unique "air moving system" is the main reason the PC build gets enough air using magnet and water, as per PCGamesN.

YouTuber DIY Perks has done a lot of videos over time in terms of building anything from invisible PC's, a stealthier looking PlayStation 5, a beautiful 4k projector, and now a breathable gaming PC with top of the line hardware.

According to TechRadar, with the use of magnets and clever reinforced acrylic panels that go back and forth quietly, DIY Perks was able to create an air system that mimics human breathing. The system successfully cools all the heat that the hardware was able to generate while forcing the heat out, and it has no fans or cooler to help it out in the process.

The build really is ingenious and truly one of a kind as it not only solves the heating problem but the build design looks like a home decor that is very eye-catching.

The build contains an RTX 3080 alongside AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, easily the two biggest PC parts that people are dying to get their hands on.

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How Does The Cooling System Fair?

The combo of the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and RTX 3080 emits a lot of heat. However, DIY Perks was able to fix the heat issue with his invention.

The "breathing" PC rig was able to keep the two hardware at surprisingly manageable degrees; 62 degrees for the Ryzen 9 and 60 degrees for the RTX 3080.

Nevertheless, it was not yet tested with graphically intensive games that push the duo to the limits, such as playing triple A games with ultra graphics and ray tracing activated.

PCGamesN reported that even though the benchmark tool the YouTuber used was valid, he didn't go on and test the rig to its limits to test out its true potential in terms of cooling the rig without the help of fans or coolers.

What Happened During The Build?

The build originally came from an inspiration of using a magnet and an acrylic tube. However, the parts used for the build were created with utmost care, and even with it, mistakes were bound to happen.

Just when DIY Perks was about to set up the entire rig, the acrylic tube that was used as the inspiration shattered.

It wasn't explained how it got destroyed but just that it did.

He then ordered over 40 pieces of acrylic tube replacements since the original fit perfectly, and the rest were either too small or too big for the magnet. The solution he found to fix the problem was to use nickel strips to function as electrodes.

The end result is that the magnet that was originally used became slightly bigger in size that made it fit one of the acrylic tube replacements from the shattered original.

The result was that the mechanism to allow air to pump was able to work again just like the original.

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