Robot Cockroaches are here, and they resemble the original insect's only in that it cannot be crushed even when stepping on it, with the device moving as fast as its real-life counterpart. Engineering has copied a lot from real-life marvels, and innovations have focused a lot on creating something unique, but at the same time, awe-inspiring.

The idea of a robot cockroach is something that is not pleasant for people, especially as the insect is viewed as an annoying pest. However, some engineers marvel at the capabilities of a cockroach, which pushed them to make these creatures into robots with numerous capabilities.

Robot Cockroach

Robot Cockroach
(Photo : UC Berkeley via YouTube Screenshot)

A research published in Science Robotics has scientists and engineers have successfully made a copy of the insect using modern materials. This means that these engineers have created a close-to-life "Robot Cockroach" which does not get crushed or mangled when stepping on it, despite being human-made.

The research entitled "Insect-scale fast-moving and ultrarobust soft robot" has already made a prototype and was subject to different tests that confirm its durability and wear-resistant body.

It is dubbed by its engineers as a "soft robot" because it does not use the traditional metals for its body, rather a "curved unimorph piezoelectric structure"

What it also achieved is almost the same speed that a cockroach travels, which is faster compared to the average speeds of human walks, but less of a moving car. An American cockroach can move at 3.4 miles per hour (5.5km/h), which is compensated by their fast-moving legs to produce more speed.

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Uncrushable, Unbreakable Robots

The engineers from the University of California-Berkeley have captured the speed of the insect and have added the piezoelectric structure, making the robot an almost replica of its insect counterpart. Why is that? It is because the body is also almost uncrushable and unbreakable, which would only continue to move after stepping on it.

They say that cockroaches are one of the only few creatures on Earth which would survive any apocalypse, including that of nuclear bombings and the like.

Maybe this venture could soon join the Perseverance rover on its mission in Mars to withstand the harsh environment that the planet has, and contribute to the advancement and information gathered by scientists.

What is the Purpose for Making Robot Cockroaches?

The study is to learn more about insects and to apply nature's best and odd characteristics to that of modern technology.

Furthermore, the researchers and engineers have regarded that this project is to help robotics in general, helping them in ways of creating a practical application of their creation to larger tech. This would potentially help in different ventures, and it may be for small components inside cars, machinery, and other massive objects to have fewer maintenance parts that break off internally.

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