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Researchers 3D Print A Robot Hand And Teach It To Play The Piano

A robotic hand designed to mimic the human hand was able to play different styles of music on a piano. The project, according to researchers, aims to improve designs for prosthetics and other objects that require complex movements.

Robotics December 21, 2018

Video Shows ISS Robot CIMON Going Rogue At The International Space Station

CIMON initially answered Alexander Gerst's questions and followed his instructions. Later, however, the ISS robot refused to follow the astronaut's command and even asked Gerst to be nice.

Space December 5, 2018

WATCH: Disney's Headless Stickman Robot Can Backflip

Disney researchers have made a human-sized robot that can perform aerial stunts, including a backflip. The robot, called 'Stickman,' was unveiled at the 2018 International Conference on Robotics and Automation on Tuesday, May 22.

Robotics May 24, 2018

Robotic Arm DJ Spins Records At Prague Nightclub – Becomes All the Rage

A popular Prague nightclub has enlisted a robot as resident DJ, reframing an age-old question: can smart machines emulate humans in creative, emotional capacities, such as curating music to get a live dancefloor popping. Machine learning was used to make a robotic DJ.

Robotics January 2, 2018

Robots At The 2018 Olympics, A Huge Step Forward For The Scientific Community

Robots will be helping in South Korea during the Olympic Games. Some of them already made an appearance.

December 25, 2017

NASA Testing Origami-Inspired Robot Scout For Exploring Mars

NASA started testing a robot scout device inspired from origami. This device is well equipped with latest technologies and could play a pivotal role in the next expedition to Mars.

Space March 23, 2017

Stephen Hawking Warns Of Robot Apocalypse: Here's How Humanity Can Protect Itself From Artificial Intelligence

Physicist Stephen Hawking warns of robot apocalypse that 'may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war.' The call for humanity's protection from the potential technological agression reverberates stronger now more than ever, but the question is how.

Robotics March 9, 2017

Humanoid Robot Kengoro ‘Sweats’ To Cool Down, Power Through Push-Ups

To address the heating problem faced by robots and affects their efficiency and performance, Japanese researchers have offered a solution that allows sweating as a cooling mechanism. Kengoro, the humanoid robot can sweat to cool down.

Robotics October 15, 2016

Trashbot Uses Robotics To Sort Your Garbage For A Cleaner Tomorrow

Dreaming of a cleaner world that has an effective system of recycling its trash? Trashbot is designed with a ‘discerning’ talent in identifying the trash that should be thrown away or that can be recycled.

FUTURE TECH February 11, 2016

Japanese Researchers Are Building Completely (Almost) Autonomous Farms

Researchers from a Japanese company called Spread have announced that they plan on having finished the first completely autonomous farms within the next two years.

FUTURE TECH February 1, 2016

Segway’s Hoverboard Robot Uses Intel RealSense To Find Its Way Around

The latest Segway is a bit more than just a self-balancing board. This thing is alive with an Intel Atom processor, an Intel RealSense camera system and an Android-based OS.

Robotics January 7, 2016

WowWee Is Funding This Adorable Robotic Dog On Indiegogo

WowWee's got a new adorable robot.

January 6, 2016

The New Segway Can Transform Into A Cute Robot Assistant

Ninebot, in partnership with Intel, has announced a new Segway that allows users to ride around. When they're not riding it, however, it can transform into a cute robotic assistant.

Gadgets January 6, 2016

This Tiny Robot Is Inspired By The Locust And Can Jump 11 Feet In The Air

Researchers in Israel have developed a robot that is inspired by the locust and can jump a massive 11 feet in the air. The robot uses a mechanism that is similar to how real locusts jump.

FUTURE TECH December 11, 2015

CHiP The Robo-Dog Will Wait For You When You're Gone

WowWee, a company known for its robotic toys, is releasing a new device called CHiP, a realistic robot dog that includes a variety of sensors and connections.

Gadgets November 12, 2015

A Chinese Robot Has Broken Records By Walking 83.28 Miles

A robot from China has broken records for the longest distance walked by a quadruped robot, walking a massive 83.28 miles over a period of 54 hours and 34 minutes.

FUTURE TECH November 10, 2015

MIT's Soft Cube Robot Jumps Around Using Metal Springs

Researchers at MIT have developed a robot that is able to use small rotors along with springs to jump as many as 20 centimeters in the air. The robot could be useful for exploration tasks.

Gadgets October 30, 2015

Toyota's Kirobo Mini Robot Is A Driving Companion That Fits In Your Cup-Holder

Toyota has unveiled a new robot at the Tokyo Auto Show. The robot is called the Kirobo Mini, and it is able to fit inside the driver's cup-holder. Not only that, but the robot can respond to voice requests and even detect the driver's mood.

Gadgets October 28, 2015

This Cleaning Robot Can Climb Its Way Through The Air Ducts

Keeping air ducts clean can be difficult, which is why a graduate student at UC San Diego has developed a robot to do the work for us. The robot builds on research by NASA and could soon save us time and money when it comes to cleaning air ducts.

Gadgets October 23, 2015

A Light Touch Might Help Robots Move On Sand And Snow

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have conducted a study of different animals moving across weak surfaces, finding that a lighter touch might help robots move safely across these kinds of surfaces.

Gadgets October 13, 2015

Bioengineers Develop ‘Psychic Robot’ That Can Predict Actions: Here’s How It can Save Your Life

Bioengineers developed a psychic robot using a mathematical algorithm that can predict a person's intentions regardless if the action is disturbed. The technology can potentially save lives when used with AI systems.

October 12, 2015

Meet RoBoHon: The Robot Smartphone With A Projector And Cameras

The brainchild of Japan-based Sharp Corporation, RoBoHon is a robot smartphone with projector and cameras. The RoBoHon can dance, raise its arms when it wants to convey a message, walk and make phone calls.

Gadgets October 6, 2015

Sereneti Kitchen Can Cook Your Dinner So You Don't Have To

A robot called Sereneti Kitchen could be the next big thing in cooking, allowing users to simply put in the ingredients, after which the robot will make the food.

Gadgets October 2, 2015

MIT Built Smarter And Softer Fingers To Pick Up Fragile Objects

To make robots more human-like, MIT has developed robotic fingers that are intelligent enough to anticipate the size and weight of an object, enabling it to pick up very fragile objects without doing them damage.

FUTURE TECH September 30, 2015

IT Specialist Suspended For Answering Help Desk Calls In Robot Voice

A New York City IT employee could find himself out of a job soon if he doesn’t stop answering calls in a robot voice. The man argues that he is trying to sound more understandable, but his supervisors and an administrative law judge disagree.

Internet September 30, 2015

Woman in San Diego Lined Up At Apple With Robot to Meet Tim Cook in Palo Alto

A San Diego woman stood in line at an Apple Store in Palo Alto using a BeamPro robot.

Internet Culture September 30, 2015

Marines Test Google Robot As Replacement For Working Dogs

The Marine Corps are testing a four-legged robot called Spot that can replace working dogs in combat drills. Spot weighs 160 pounds and can be controlled wirelessly.

Gadgets September 22, 2015

NASA’s Hedgehog Robot could Bounce Around Comets And Other Objects in the Solar System

The Hedgehog robot does not roll around on wheels but instead bounces around a comet or asteroid's surface. It was designed to overcome the challenges of traversing small bodies in the solar system.

Space September 5, 2015

Star Wars' BB-8 Droid Teardown Gives You An Idea How The Coolest Toy Of The Year Works [Video]

Star Wars' BB-8, deemed the 'coolest toy' this season, aims to wow fanatics. Reports have shared theories as to how the little droid really works.

FUTURE TECH September 5, 2015

MIT Researchers Give HERMES Robot Human Reflexes: See What It Can Do [Video]

HERMES is a humanoid robot that can perform human movements, with MIT researchers using what is known as balance-feedback interface to control the robot.

FUTURE TECH August 13, 2015

Giant NASA Robot To Assemble Parts For Mars Mission

Sitting at the Marshall Space Flight Center, a new giant robot is ready to construct massive pieces for the spacecraft that will bring humans to Mars. What promise does this massive machine hold?

Space August 7, 2015

Sphero's Latest Rolling Robot Is Designed For Students

Sphero's new SPRK Edition robot promises to help teach programming to students.

FUTURE TECH August 4, 2015

Bug-Inspired Bots Can Leap Off Liquid Water

Walking on water is already a tough enough task, but jumping from the surface of water presents an even greater challenge. By studying water strider insects, scientists were able to build a tiny robot that can launch itself off this ubiquitous liquid.

July 30, 2015

‘Smart Wires’ In Bionic Hand Contract The Same Way Natural Muscles Do

A chief goal of prosthetic appendages is to resemble the natural body parts they replace as closely as possible. Equipped with new 'smart wire' technology, this bionic hand mimics the system that natural muscles use to move, allowing it to be more lightweight and flexible.

FUTURE TECH July 22, 2015

Canada's HitchBOT Begins Its Trek Across The United States, One Ride At A Time

The hitchhiking robot hopes to make it from Boston to San Francisco in one piece.

FUTURE TECH July 17, 2015

An Android Receptionist, Velociraptor And Tulip-Shaped Robot Assistant Will Greet You At Japan's Henn na Hotel

The Henn na Hotel in Japan features robotic staff that includes a velociraptor, a female humanoid and an assistant in the form of a tulip.

Society July 17, 2015

This Robot Drives Around Someone's Apartment And Can Be Controlled Online

A Reddit user has created a robot that can be controlled online and takes a photo of what it sees every three seconds. The robot moves around the user's apartment and was built in two hours.

Gadgets June 30, 2015

Roach-inspired Robot Scuttles Through Clutter With Ease

Adding a cockroach-like outer shell to the design of a small robot improved its ability to negotiate obstacles. Similar robots could one day aid search and rescue operations.

Robotics June 23, 2015

Quick MIT Cheetah Robot Can Now Jump Over Hurdles: The Algorithms Involved

A cheetah robot developed by MIT researchers can jump over obstacles while running. The robot has been tested on hard surface and will soon be tested on softer terrain.

FUTURE TECH May 30, 2015

The Rise of the 15-Foot Tall Fighting Robot: An Interview with MegaBots Co-Founder Gui Cavalcanti

MegaBots co-founder Gui Cavalcanti talked mech with Tech Times, giving us some insight into the future of its 15-foot tall fighting robots.

FUTURE TECH May 19, 2015

Scientists Explain Importance Of Handshakes In Business Negotiations Even When Doing It With A Robot

The shaking of hands during business meetings can foster trust and better cooperation. Virtual handshakes made with the aid of a robot were likewise shown to be as effective in creating a sense of connectedness.

May 11, 2015

New Chinese Robot Called Yangyang Is Lifelike And That Makes It Creepy

A Chinese robot called Yangyang has creepy lifelike facial expressions. The robot also bears a resemblance to Sarah Palin.

FUTURE TECH May 1, 2015

Super Strong: Gecko-Inspired Robot Can Carry Over 100 Times Its Weight [Video]

The super climbing powers of the gecko is inspiring new robotics that may one day help save lives and make heavy lifting much easier in industrial and construction settings.

FUTURE TECH April 27, 2015

Robot Vacuum Tried To Eat 52-Year-Old South Korean Woman's Hair: SkyNet Is Close

This poor lady had no idea what she was up against when she bought a vacuum cleaner robot to make her life easier. She made the big mistake of falling asleep on the floor while the robot was working.

Internet Culture February 10, 2015

Navy's New Fire Fighting Robot Can Take The Heat

Saffir is a new firefighting robot designed by the U.S. Navy. How does it work?

February 7, 2015

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