Kaseya ransomware attack was only the beginning, as experts now believe and fear that a cybercrime spree would ensure in the country, bringing a lot of attacks on different entities. The REvil ransomware gang has made their stand firm, showing their notorious skills and sophistication in infecting users to steal their sensitive information and hold it captive. 

It was recently dubbed that ransomware and malware attacks would be the "next pandemic" of the digital world, and it does not shy away from the current one that the world is facing. Now, people might be worried about the COVID-19 infecting them, but soon, large-scale attacks of computer viruses and hackers will be the ones to look out for. 

Kaseya Ransomware Attack is Only the Beginning

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Kaseya's ransomware attack has been a massive downer for the recently concluded 245th Independence Day of the country, especially as it has infected as many as 200 companies worldwide. However, its main target was Kaseya, an up-and-coming IT management firm that has infected the companies that also relied on its services. 

According to CNN, as many as 1,500 businesses have been experiencing the effects of Kaseya's recent hack, particularly as the IT company is crippled in providing service and bringing its supposed features. 

Moreover, this is only viewed as the "beginning," as a wave of criminal offenses and cyberattacks would soon befall anyone or any company to which the hackers will see access to. 

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Experts Fear About Future Cyberattacks

Microsoft Claims That the Second Hackers Are Not Connected With the Main SolarWinds' Attackers
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Concerning this, NBC News has reported that experts are now being wary of future cyberattacks taking place, following REvil and Kaseya's recent incidents. This is because REvil has rising notoriety that has led experts to believe that this is not yet the end to their criminal operations, especially in extorting money from its victims. 

As REvil grows more powerful, so does the risk of most companies against it, especially as it proved that it could look for a lot of holes to penetrate, to infect the systems of these companies. And, REvil does not choose whether it be small or large-scale businesses, and it does not focus only on the tech industry, as seen with JBS's previous attack

Can it Be Prevented?

In terms of safety and prevention, there are a lot of ways to protect one's business or individual presence on the internet, and it is through investing in security measures. 

Also, it is important to have one's systems be checked frequently, to avoid having any points of access for these hackers to insert their viruses. 

Proper internet safety like the Media and Information Literacy plays a massive role here, especially in staying informed or updated about the best course of action in the current state of cybercrime. Investing in the proper security may be expensive, but avoiding being hacked is better than recovering from it. 

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