President Joe Biden has launched a federal probe against a known Russian cybercrime syndicate called "REvil," after the recent ransomware attack across the US landscape. The victims that were targeted were more than 1,000 companies, including that of the IT firm known as "Kaseya," which was highly affected by the attack. 

It was a massive attack against Kaseya, especially with what has transpired in the recent event where it showed the different companies to be affected by the ransomware as well.

Biden Launches Federal Probe

According to CNN's report, President Joe Biden's latest interview last Saturday, July 3, has revealed the administration's plans of having a federal probe against those who attacked Kaseya and others.

The cyberattack is composed of at least 1,000 victims, with the cybersecurity experts suspecting its scope to be more than said number. 

Kaseya may only be one of its victims, but the probe will help in getting to know threats more, especially as an alarming rise in cases has been apparent in the United States in recent times. Before this, one of the largest attacks on US soil was JBS Meats, which has been a massive ransomware attack that did not involve the tech landscape. 

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The primary suspect of the initial findings of this investigation is the "REvil" ransomware gang, which has been notoriously linked to a lot of attacks in recent investigations. 

REvil Ransomware Gang Attacked Kaseya?

Currently, it is still under investigation whether the REvil ransomware group is the ones to blame in the recent Kaseya attack, which the company has confirmed last July 4. However, massive speculations are pointing the blame towards the group, especially with the style and method of attack against the IT security firm.

Nothing is confirmed as of the moment, and the federal probe would focus on a lot of factors and possibilities in the 1,000 and more attacks which took place, reporting of ransomware that tried to access. Some of these companies have been breached, while some have not been, but the only sure thing is that this was a massive attack that has left experts on alert. 

Russia State Connected? 

REvil is known to be a Russian group that has been plaguing the United States for a long time now, but there is limited knowledge whether the attackers are Russian state connected. There have been incidents where speculated state-connected hackers have attacked different infrastructures in the country, and other places in the world. 

The US remains on high alert against cyberattacks as of the moment, as there is limited way of knowing when and who the next target of the threat actors would be. For now, the federal probe will look for its culprit, and make them pay for their crimes. 

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