Expert Advice on Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Online in 2021
(Photo : Owen Hone)

In 2021, all brands should start investing in their goal to advance the communities in which they operate. Gone are the days for brands who published statements that do not lead to further action and have no discernible impact. This year, we've seen multiple brands engage in more authentic advertising, and consumers will continue to hold companies accountable in the future.

Luckily, there are expert coaches out there who share the same values and help entrepreneurs devise strategies for bringing the best qualities of their products before our eyes.

Owen Hone, Head of the Authentic Creation coaching company and an expert in the field of online marketing, shared with us some of the strategies that should concern any robust brand in 2021.

Build Your Authentic Voice

Authenticity in advertising is becoming the main vector in developing strong buyer-seller interactions. The best way to earn loyalty and recognition is to stay true to what your brand is about.

"If you, like me, work in marketing, then you are probably putting a lot of energy into generating demand these days. And that's great. But here's my word: in 2021, don't forget the importance of an authentic, strong, and smart brand! Too many marketing companies have weakened their brands by focusing on money. And I understand why, but you can't choose one thing here - you need both. It is no coincidence that the best brands also are the most authentic", says Owen.

Learn New Tools

If your company has been hit hard by COVID-19, you should take your time to fill in any marketing gaps that you previously neglected.

The biggest problem with today's marketing is that many know little to nothing about the most effective marketing tools (actually, there are more than 5,000 of them). More than 90% of specialists do not know what the Jedi algorithm is, yet it allows for the acquisition of crowds of ideal customers.

"Many don't get marketing strategies right, and it's one of the reasons our clients consistently get such great results working with us", says Owen.

Master Narrative Techniques

"Don't say, just show." Our high school teachers spoke those words years ago. However, this advice is especially relevant in 2021, when the world has once again rejected exaggeration and those who shout loudest in the far corner of the room. What is becoming important in marketing is nurturing and portraying an authentic voice of the brand, as opposed to vague adjectives that hold no real substance.

This is exactly what distinguishes Owen from other people in the field- he approaches his work with the uttermost honesty and encourages his clients to do the same.

Having helped numerous entrepreneurs earn $50,000+ in less than a month, Owen thinks that expertise and strategy make up only 20% of overall success. "The right mindset is key. This is how I define my mission: to help people live their true nature and make more money doing what they love", he tells us.

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