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Google Calendar now gives you the option to create and join virtual meetings to keep businesses and events up and running.

Importance of Google Calendar

 Google has created Google Calendar as a means for people to be informed of important dates and events. It has many features that have since been updated to make the app much more useful to the average user and not just for office workers.

It has the added benefit of time management and tools that you can use for scheduling. It simplifies the otherwise hectic schedule of an individual's routine. You'll also be able to sync your Google Calendar to your other Android devices by simply going to "Settings" and scroll towards the "Import & Export" Area.

If you're using Google Calendar for work, you also can view your colleagues' Calendars. You can just "Add calendar" located on the left-hand side and will need to be granted permission before being able to view their calendar as well. Once accepted, you'll have free reign to see just what's in the itinerary of your colleagues'.

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Google's Virtual Meetings 

Google Calendar has come a long way with Google's continuous updates on all its apps. The next feature they implemented was to roll out an option in regards to RSVP for Calendar invitations. You can click "Yes" to a meeting invite within the app, and it will show a drop-down menu. The menu gives you the option to attend physically or virtually. 

Both parties can see who's going to attend and how they are attending. They can see this because the people who clicked "Yes" will have icons beside their names featuring good for virtual or physical attendance.

If you choose to attend physically, it will show a door that's half-open indicating that you chose "Yes, in a meeting room," and a video camera icon to show "Yes, joining virtually."

Google says that the new RSVP choices are exclusive for Google and not shared with other platforms such as Microsoft Outlook and other calendar methods. For now, it will only show in Google Calendar and will have the same option for Gmail "soon".

How to Create a Virtual Meeting

To create and add people to your meeting, the process is straightforward. Just open Google Calendar on your browser, phone, or tablet. Look for "Event" and scroll down the list until you find "Add conferencing," then choose Google Meet.

Once done, fill out the details of the time and date, event name, and whatever else you want to add to create a more specific invitation for the event.

By then, all you need to do is invite the participants, and you will be able to see their responses if they are attending or not. The new feature for people to choose virtual conferences is now added as well. 

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