Understanding the Importance of Relationships with Thais Gibson
(Photo : Understanding the Importance of Relationships with Thais Gibson)

The nature of human behavior is complex, but relationships lie at its core. The ability to connect, cooperate and care for others creates meaning in life. However, relationships can also be challenging for those who do not truly understand how they work. Moreover, when the subconscious mind is not engaged, those in relationships are often fated to repeat the same mistakes.

Facilitating Change

Thais Gibson, a Best-Selling author, speaker and personal development expert had found that the subconscious mind must be engaged in order to realize true change. After working with hundreds of individuals in a client and workshop setting, Gibson discovered that those who focused on subconscious work in addition to traditional healing experienced the most drastic change in their lives. As a result, she expanded upon existing modalities to create Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM, which is an implementable self-healing practice that pulls from a variety of psychological methods.  

From there, Gibson built an e-learning platform that disperses her teachings to thousands internationally through an accessible course-based format.  Known today as The Personal Development School, "PDS" aims to create a long-lasting change in every area of life. The Personal Development School helps people reprogram limiting beliefs, build successful relationships, and achieve their personal goals.

Change is Possible Through The Personal Development School

Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM expands upon traditional Attachment Theory by examining the ways in which interpersonal attachments form while integrating subconscious reprogramming work. The revolution of subconscious behavioural patterns, the expansion of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and addition of trauma work makes Integrated Attachment TheoryTM a unique tool for overcoming personal challenges. 

With over 13 distinctive accreditations, Gibson is uniquely qualified in her field to help others become the best version of themselves.

Helping People with Relationship Challenges

Friends, partners, and family members may experience a variety of relationship challenges on a daily basis. Gibson has identified patterns within these challenges and provides individuals with the tools to better understand such conflict and communicate more effectively with one another.

Her knowledge is then distributed through The Personal Development School which offers a variety of courses that specifically help people tackle their relationship obstacles and emotional wellness. Courses include "Relationship Mastery", "Strengthening Self-Identity", Setting and Achieving Goals", "Key Pillars in a Secure Relationship", and many more. 

Partnered with Gibson's book "Attachment Theory: A Guide to Strengthening the Relationships in Your Life," those who learn from Thais have found they better understand themselves and others.

Published in 2020, her book has served as a helpful guide for many, and it has received a remarkable response from the personal development community. 

Thais Gibson has truly revolutionized the personal development space and is a name to watch in 2021. 

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