"Death Stranding Director's Cut" is going to take full advantage of the hardware of the PlayStation 5 when it releases later this year.

Announced during the most recent Sony State of Play presentation, it is now confirmed that ultrawide monitor support will be coming to "Death Stranding Director's Cut," reports VideoGamesChronicle. This will be the first time ever in history that a gaming console will do so, considering that ultrawide monitors used to only be available for PCs.

What this means is that "Death Stranding Director's Cut" will be rendered in 2560×1080 or 3440x1440, both resolutions which no singular game console (and console game) has been able to support in the past. Perhaps it's about time that the Sony PlayStation 5 got some because the next-gen console is pretty powerful in its own right.

But of course, ultrawide support is not the only new feature coming to "Death Stranding Director's Cut." More details shared on the PlayStation blog reveal that the reworked version of the game will also feature two Performance Modes: one which will render the game in upscaled 4K 60 FPS for smoother gameplay, and the other focusing on fidelity by rendering the game in native 4K with support for HDR.

Here's a video you can watch for more intricate details on the upcoming upgrades for "Death Stranding Director's Cut:"

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'Death Stranding Director's Cut:' What Can Fans Expect?

Aside from support for ultrawide monitors and HDR, "Death Stranding Director's Cut" will also give players many extra in-game content to be excited about. But first, here are some preparatory details before you buy the game.

According to PSU, the game will be available for preload on September 15, over a week before the official launch on September 24. But for PlayStation 5 users, you'll have to free up a lot of space on that drive: 68.627 GB to be exact, all without the day one patch.

"Death Stranding Director's Cut" players will also get items such as colors for the suit, power glove, as well as new BB pod options, backpack patches, a mini artbook and app containing the game's OST, and a new set of avatars. And if you already own the base game on PS4, you can get the Director's Cut upgrade by paying an extra $10.

'Death Stranding Director's Cut:' Leveraging the PlayStation 5's Power

Aside from the ultrawide and HDR support, there are no other visual upgrades mentioned. But perhaps there could be more to be announced closer to the game's release by September. And that's because of the sheer graphical horsepower of the PlayStation 5.

Once "Death Stranding Director's Cut" gets released, it's going to be offering a truly next-gen experience that's never been seen in consoles before. Seeing as how even the base "Death Stranding" game is already visually impressive, seeing it in full ultrawide glory is just an entirely different experience.

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